MARRIAGE CONTRACT - 1679 (Ballaugh)

Articles of Marriages condescended unto, concluded and agreed upon the first day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred seventy and nine between William McYlrea and Ann McYlrea als Christian in behalf of their son Daniel McYlrea on the one party and Margaret Curlett als Parr relict of John Curlett of Ballakeoge deceased of the other party as followeth: First it is covenanted, condiconed and agreed upon that the said Daniel McYlrea and Margaret Curlett als Parr shall enter into the holy estate of matrimony immediately after the perfecting of this presents God and Holy Church permitting the same. Second it is covenanted, condiconed and agreed unto by the said William McYllrea and Ann his wife and they do hereby give, grant and surrender unto the said young couple all their lands, tenements and herediments as well their lands of inheritance as all other their purchased lands by what name soever distinguished with the whole crop of corn and team of oxen and all husbandry gears belonging to the farm that is to say the moiety or one half of the premises when the said young couple have occasion to enter upon or come into the farm and the other moiety or half of the premises at and upon the decease of the survivor of the said William McYlrea and Ann his wife and to their lawful heirs and it is to be understood that all the lands as well inheritance as the purchased land shall successively fall, descend and come to the heirs of the Dollaugh without any …. and the team of oxen and the crop of corn with the husbandry gears to be at the sole disposing of the said young couple anything before expressed notwithstanding. Thirdly it is covenanted and agreed upon that the said young couple shall give unto the said William McYllrea and Ann his wife their executors or administrators the sum of thirteen pounds sterling that is to say the one half thereof when they the young couple shall enter upon the moiety of the premises and the other half when they shall enter upon the whole and for the performance of all and singular the premises the said parties have bound themselves the one to the other in the penalty of forty pounds sterling, the one half to the honourable Lord and the other to the party …. And to witness the same both parties have to these presents interchangeably subscribed their names and affixed their seals the day and year first within written. William Macyllrea his mark W and seal, Ann Mcyllrea als Christian her mark X and seal, Dan Mcylrea (seal), Margrett Curlett als Parr her mark X and seal

Signed, sealed and interchangeably delivered in presence of us Will … John Parr, Will Caine his mark X, Thomas Christian

28th June 1689 This day the above William McYlrea and Ann his wife as also the said Dan McYlrea and Margaret his wife being the parties to the above contract came before me and affirmed the within Contract to be their voluntary act and deed and also the said William McYlrea and Ann his wife have acknowledged to have received and to be satisfied for half of the thirteen pounds promised unto them upon the conditions now agreed unto betwixt them as is recorded in the within contract and all this before me. John Christian

[Ref: LibCanc MS 10071/5/12 (1687/1689) Ballaugh 1689 #23]


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; Dollough estate
  2. Daniel Mylrea, oldest surviving son of William Mylrea and Ann Christian, and baptised 1655, Ballaugh
  3. The family was in possession of the Mylrea estate known as the Dollough for well over a century by the time Daniel was born. As the oldest son of William, Daniel inherited the estate. His Marriage Contract was the legal means of transmitting that inheritance, together with additional lands purchased by William
  4. Daniel married considerably older widow Margaret Curlett als Parr in 1679; she already had three sons Robert, Thomas, William Curlett, the latter two mentioned in their step-father’s will; the former had died
  5. Daniel & Margaret made a Deed of Settlement on son Daniel, 1709, to continue line of succession process for the "Mylrea estate", comprising the Dollough and other purchased lands
  6. As well as a land holder, Daniel was Attorney General 1690-1695, and Deemster 1695 till his death in 1724
  7. Wife Margaret died 1716

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