Mortgage - 1785

Know all men by these presents that I Daniel Mylrea of the town of Douglas do hereby acknowledge myself to be and justly endebted unto John Jonathan Lee in the full sum of ninety-seven pounds, four shillings and one penny lawful money of Great Britain to the payment whereof well and truly to be made unto him the said John Jonathan Lee, his executors, administrators and assigns firmly by these presents and for the said John Jonathan Lee’s better security in the repayment of the said sum with the interest, costs and charges due thereon I the said Daniel Mylrea with the consent of Leonora Mylrea als Heywood my wife testified by her being a party to and executing these presents have given, granted, demised and mortgaged and by these presents do give, grant, demise and mortgage unto him the said John Jonathan Lee, his executors, administrators and assigns all my right, title, property and interest in and unto a moiety of all that dwelling house situate in the town of Peel wherein Mr George Savage lives with all that my moiety of the stables, offices, yards, cellars and other edifices of buildings to this house belonging or appertaining or therewith usually held, occupied, and enjoyed to have and to hold unto him the said John Jonathan Lee, his executors, administrators and assigns the premes aforesaid with their and every of their appurtenances from the date thereof until the said principal sum of ninety-seven pounds, four shillings and one penny currency aforesaid with the interest, costs and charges due thereon be fully paid and satisfied and I the said Daniel Mylrea do hereby promise and agree to and with the said John Jonathan Lee, his executors, administrators and assigns and that I the said Daniel Mylrea, my heirs, executors and administrators against the pretended claim, challenge and demand of all and every person whatsoever and for the true and faithful performance hereof I the said Daniel Mylrea do hereby bind and oblige myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty and forfeiture of one hundred and ninety- pounds, eight shillings and two pence lawful money of Great Britain. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 9th July one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five. Daniel Mylrea, Leonora Mylrea

Signed and delivered in presence of George Charles Whiting, Norris Moore

6th October 1785 Mr Daniel Mylrea and Leonora Mylrea his wife acknowledged the beforewritten Bond and Security to be their proper and voluntary act and deed. Before me Thomas Moore

At a Common Law Court holden at Castle Rushen the 10th day of October 8th 1785

The beforegoing Bond and Security being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against them the same are therefore ordered to be enrolled. Thomas Moore

A true copy of the beforegoing Bond and Security enrolled on record in obedience to the abovewritten order. By John Quayle CR[?]

[Ref: Libri Placitorum (Book of Pleas) 1785]


  1. The beginning of the end!
  2. Daniel Mylrea was the son of Thomas Mylrea & Rose Savage, and baptised in Peel 1750
  3. His was the Deemster/Archdeacon/Attorney General line of Mylreas; once possessors of the Dollough estate
  4. He should have been a wealthy man at age 25 when he sold off the Dollough, the Mylrea family estate in Ballaugh left to him by his bachelor uncle, Daniel Mylrea (Deemster)
  5. Daniel was in business in Douglas with Robert Heywood, his brother-in-law, and John Taubman snr. These men were also from Deemster families
  6. Daniel & Robert Heywood were also recorded as shipowners, in 1781, importing goods to Liverpool from Barbados (Ref:Wilks); other documents show that Heywood, Mylrea & Co traded as money lenders for a time
  7. This is the second mortgage on the Peel house. The first to Philip Cottier for £60 in 1782 (only a few years after he sold off the Dollough), and this current one is for £97/4/1 (total = £159/4/1 + interest)
  8. In 1795, Daniel borrowed £139/10/- from the Duke of Athol in 1795, to pay off the two earlier mortgages on his share of the Peel house (Cottier & Lee) but in 1795 he was able to mortgage the entire house (his mother had died in 1791). The house was the family home
  9. In 1801, this property was advertised for rent with the words 'late the property of Lieutenant Daniel Mylrea'
  10. About a week before this mortgage to Lee, Daniel mortgaged his share of the Herring House business in Douglas to John Taubman snr one of his business partners. Two years later, Taubman foreclosed so Daniel lost the Herring House and other possessions contained in that particular mortgage too

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