SETTLEMENT - 1709 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh: To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come xxx read or understood etc.

Know ye that I Dan Mcylrea Deemster of this Isle, and Margaret my wife as well out of the natural affection, which we have and do bear our loving son Daniel Mcylrea as also for his better performance and the enabling of him to support and maintain himself in our estate and tenement after our death and decease, have for these reasons and considerations given, granted and estated and by these presents do give, grant and estate to & upon our said son Dan Mcylrea junior, his heirs & assigns, a certain parcel of meadow land situate, lying and being in the parish of Jurby commonly called and know by the name of the Rusxxxxx Close lately purchased by us of the yearly rent of eight pence, lying and being the last end of Lough-ne-greagh, together with the whole crop of corn and hay growing upon our tenement and estate of the Dollaugh or any part or parcel thereof, or thereunto belonging, as also the whole team of oxen, husbandry gears of all sorts or kind whatsoever, as well carts as all utensils and instruments used for the managing of the said lands, be they of xxx name or names soever distinguished as also all bedsteads, dorms, chattles, tables, and all other household goods as shaped linen and woollen, bedding, pewter, wooden vessels, and all other utensils used within the house of what kind or nature soever they be, or by what name or names soever distinguished or known, all which recited premises our said son Dan Mcylrea junior to have, hold and enjoy viz half thereof at the death and decease of the longer liver or survivor of us the said Dan Mcylrea & Margaret my wife provided always this the true intent and meaning of these presents, that the above parcel of meadow land is to run and continue as heirship with the rest of the estate of Dollaugh and Corraig’s land, and it shall not be in the power of our said Dan Mcylrea junior or his heirs to dispose of the same otherwise through heirship and also that the crop of corn and team of oxen now settled upon him is likewise to be continued and run successively as heirloom in estate to him and his heirs forever after. And for as mxxxx our son Robert Corlett of Barbadoes lately deceased, hath by his last will and testament given and bequeathed unto us the sum of one hundred pounds sterling, we do in like manner give and grant unto our said son Dan Mcylrea junior said sum of one hundred pounds, upon condition that he our said son shall lay out and expend the same, or such part thereof as can or will be got and received, for the purchase of some parcel of land or other xxxx for the bettering and advancing of our said estate of Dollaugh and Corraig's land aforesaid, and that such lands or tenements so bought and purchased with the said money, shall be added and annexed to the said estate and xxxx continued and run with the same as heirship forever according to the laws and customs of the Isle and do hereby and by these presents give and grant unto our sons Thomas & William Corlet five shilling apiece to be paid them at our decease to cut and debar them or either of them from making any suit, claim or title to the premises or any part thereof, or any of our goods upon any account whatsoever and for the better settling and securing of the premises, whatsoever and every part and parcel thereof to our said son Dan Mcylrea junior his heirs and assigns, we the said Dan Mcylrea and Margaret my wife have not only at the sealing, signing and delivery hereof given and delivered unto our said son Dan Mcylrea junior one folding table now standing in the outer chamber, as part, parcel and member of the premises to entitle and destate him in the right and possession of the whole but also do by these presents bind and oblige ourselves, our executors, administrators and assigns to fulfill and perform the same in every particular as before recited in the penalty and forfeiture of two hundred pounds sterling, half thereof to the use of the Right Honorable the Lord of this Isle, and his heirs and the other half to the said Dan Mcylrea junior his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. In witness whereof we have hereunto put our hands & seals the 16th June 1709. Dan Mcylrea, Margaret Mcylrea her mark X

Witnesses William Corlett, John Corlett

18th October 1709 The above Deemster Mcylrea & Margret his wife have acknowledged the Deed of Settlement before me, John Parr

KK Michael June the fifth 1716: This is a true copy of the original Deed of Gift compared and examined in Court, the original being to be lodged in the Temporal Records by reason there is a conveyance therein of purchased lands as well Quarterland as Intack.

[Ref: NSS Ballaugh #65]


  1. The recipient Daniel Mylrea jnr was the oldest surviving son of Daniel Mylrea & Margaret Curlett als Parr. He was baptised in Ballaugh 1684
  2. As such, he inherited the family estate comprising the Dollough, held for at least a century by the Mylrea family, as well as lands purchased by his grand parents and parents (eg. Corraige's land, Lough ne greagh).
  3. Grandfather William had entailed their purchased lands into the Mylrea estate in his 1692 , and his son Daniel did the same thing in this Settlement on Daniel jnr
  4. This Settlement was made on Daniel jnr when he was 25 and unmarried. An addition legacy was settled on him, the result of his step-brother's death in the Caribbean, with the instruction to purchase still more land
  5. Lough-ne-greagh = lake of the stacks / Containing small stack-like islands
  6. Daniel married Lucy Parry probably aboutn 1715 and probably in England
  7. They had three surviving sons, Daniel (1716), Thomas (1717) and William (1722), and one surviving daughter (Ann, 1723) of the 11 children born to the couple
  8. The entailment which was laid down by William, then reinforced by Daniel, came to nought in the end. Daniel the oldest son of Daniel & Lucy was a bachelor who left almost everything to his oldest nephew, Daniel son of Thomas. The nephew promptly sold the Dollough piecemeal in 1777 and the Mylrea estates were no more.

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