SUES FOR RECOVERY - 1795 (German)

1st June 1795

Joseph Shaw complaineth against Daniel Mylrea for that he stands endebted unto him in the sum of five pounds eighteen shillings and four pence British for goods sold and delivered as will be made to appear. And whereas the complainant apprehends that the said defendant intends speedily to depart this Isle and carry off his effects without paying the said debt, the complainant therefore prays an arrest against the said defendant and his effects and process according to the rules of the honourable Court of Chancery

[Ref: Libri Cancellari 1795-96 p65]


  1. The first of four small claims in June 1795 made against Daniel by men seeking restitution, in the belief that Daniel is about to leave the Island
  2. At the end of each written complaint, several subsequent dates are noted and finally the word Dismissed
  3. A few months later, Daniel mortgages his Peel house to the Duke of Atholl

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