AGREEMENT - 1758 (Ballaugh)

Articles of Agreement concluded and agreed upon between Daniel Mylrea esq Receiver General of this Isle of the one part and Robert Cowle and Mary Cowle otherwise Craine his wife of the other

Whereas certain disputes and differences are likely to happen and fall out between the said Daniel Mylrea and Robert Cowle and Mary his wife touching and concering the ways, boundaries and easements property belonging and appertaining to their respective estates called the Dollough situate in the parish of Ballaugh

Now for the accomplishing the desires of the said parties and for a final conclusion of all differences between them Daniel Mylrea and Robert Cowle and Mary his wife touching the premises, it is hereby declared and also covenanted and granted by and between the said parties to these presents in manner and form following:

That the said Daniel Mylrea his heirs and assigns is and are forever hereafter peaceably to have, hold, use and enjoy the internal road leaving from his house to the public high road as the same has been formerly enjoyed by him and his ancestors without the interruption, stop, hindrance, molestation or eviction of them the said Robert Cowle and Mary his wife their heirs, executors or assigns or any person or persons in their or either of them behalf and the said way or road so far as it leads to the said Robert Cowle’s house to be of the same breadth that is between the said Daniel Mylrea’s courtyard and the haggard to have and to hold the premises aforesaid to him the said Daniel Mylrea his heirs, executors and assigns forever by these presents. And it is also agreed upon between the parties by these presents that the said Robert Cowle and Mary his wife their heirs and assigns are forever hereafter to enjoy the ..... road to their flatt and that the way to the said Daniel Mylrea’s flatt called the Upper Flatt shall be in the road or way leading between the said Robert Cowle’s flatt ..... and the said Daniel Mylrea’s stables and garden walls as formerly and that the way to the said Daniel Mylrea’s flatt called the Lower Flatt shall run along beside the said Robert Cowle’s flatt hedge and the said Daniel Mylrea’s new yard wall as formerly and it is also agreed on that the way leading to the said Daniel Mylrea’s flatt called the Flatt above the house is to run along the said Daniel Mylrea’s court wall as formerly all which roads or ways with the yard lately enclosed is forever hereafter to be held, possessed and enjoyed by the said Daniel Mylrea his heirs and assigns without the molestation, hindrance or interruption of them the said Robert Cowle and Mary his wife their heirs and assigns and it is also agreed between the parties that the easements about the river and also the lime kiln shall continue as formerly to be possessed and enjoyed by them respectively and that the ...., houses and boundaries between their respective estates shall be repaired and maintained as formerly and for the true and faithful performance hereof and all and every clause and covenant herein contained and agreed upon the said parties do hereby mutually bind and oblige themselves and their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns respectively in the penalty and forfeiture of one hundred pounds to be levied and paid half to the Lord of this Isle and the other to the party or parties aggrieved. In witness whereof they have hereunto put their hands this 4th day of February 1758. Dan Mylrea, Robert Cowle my mark X, Mary Cowle als Craine my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of John Bridson, John Quillin

4th February 1758 Mr Daniel Mylrea, Receiver General, Robert Cowle and Mary Cowle als Craine the subscribing parties to the within and above Deed of Agreement acknowledge the same to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me Dan Lace

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown the 18th May 1758 The beforegoing Deed of Agreement being acknowledged before the Deemster and now published in open Court and no objection offered against it it is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. John Taubman, Basil Cochrane, Dan Lace, John Quayle, John Frissell

[Ref: NSS May 1758 #29]


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; and possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Oldest son of Daniel Mylrea & Lucy Parry, baptised 1716 in Ballaugh
  3. Like his father, held high ranking posts: Attorney General 1755, Receiver General & Water Bailiff 1758, Steward to the Dukes of Atholl 1766, Deemster 1768
  4. In 1757, his siblings renounced their inheritance in favour of Daniel, an event that took place a day after their father had been buried
  5. He remained a bachelor, dying in 1775 and leaving £200 to be shared amongst nieces & nephews, children of William & Ellinore Gell, children of Thomas Mylrea & Rose Savage), and children of their sister Ann (Callow)
  6. He nominated his oldest nephew, also named Daniel Mylrea and the son of brother Thomas, as the executor and residuary legatee of his estate. Daniel promptly sold off the Dollough in several transactions, and thus ended the stewardship of an estate that had been in the Mylrea family since written records began
  7. With Daniel's death, the reign of the Deemster Mylreas also came to a close: Daniel 1693-1724, Daniel 1734-1757, Daniel 1768-1775; and of the Attorneys General Mylreas - Daniel Attorney General 1690-1695, Daniel 1720-17??, Daniel 1755-17??

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