AGREEMENT - 1781 (Ballaugh)

Whereas Daniel Mylrea of the town of Douglas gentleman did by Deed dated 29th May 1777 for and in consideration of one hundred pounds to him paid by Philip Teare, Thomas Craine, John Mylrea,William Craine & James Corlett all of the parish of Ballaugh grant and convey unto the said parties their heirs and assigns the dwelling house of the estate of the Dollough in the said parish with all outhouses, offices and all other edifices to the same belonging with the garden and yard haggarth as also that part of the Dollough called the Little Park with all profits, commodities, advantages, hereditaments, ways, waters, watercourses, easements, liberties and appurtenances whatsoever belonging to the said premises now in the possession of the said Philip Teare, Thomas Craine, John Mylrea, William Craine & James Corlett or their assigns to have and to hold the premises with the appurtenances unto the said parties their heirs or assigns forever and whereas the use, issues and profits of the easements about the river mentioned were meant or intended to be granted and conveyed in and by the said Deed subject nevertheless to a road for all other inhabitants of the said estate to pass and repass to and from the river

Therefore know all men by these presents that I Daniel Mylrea by and with the consent of Leonora my wife for consideration in the said Deed mentioned do by these presents confirm unto them the said Philip Teare, Thomas Craine, John Mylrea, JWilliam Craine & James Corlett their heirs and assigns all my right, title, interest in and to the use, issues and profits of the said easement to have and to hold unto them their heirs and assigns forever provided nevertheless all residents upon the said estate of the Dollough are to have and enjoy a road from their respective tenements to the river near the pinfold in the said parish through and upon the easement aforesaid as their occasions may require and for the true and faithful performance hereof I the said Daniel Mylrea and Leonora my wife do bind and oblige ourselves in fifty pounds British. As witness our names this 10th day of May 1781. Daniel Mylrea, Leonora Mylrea

Signed and delivered in presence of Calcott Heywood, John Law

Douglas district} The High Bailiff Court 14th November 1781 This day personally appeared Mr Daniel Mylrea and Leonora Mylrea his wife and acknowledged the before written Deed of Sale to be their proper act and deed. Before me William Quayle

We the Setting Quest of Ballaugh do settle and proportion on this Bill of Sale to bear and pay the yearly Lord’s Rent of one penny. Witness our subscription this 21st May 1782. John Corlet, William Corlett, John Craine, Thomas Craine, John Corlet

At a Court Baron holden at KK Michael for the parishes of Michael, Ballaugh and Jurby the 29th day of May 1782 The before written Deed of Sale being acknowledged before the High Bailiff and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same therefore is allowed of, for and in the name and behalf of the most noble John, Duke of Atholl, Lord of the Manor of Mann and the Isles and confirmed by this Court. Robert Heywood

[Ref: NSS May 1782 #27]


  1. Daniel Mylrea was the son of Thomas Mylrea & Rose Savage, and baptised Peel 1750
  2. His was the Deemster/Archdeacon/Attorney General line of Mylreas; Dollough estate
  3. Daniel's father died in 1759 and Daniel received a significant inheritance at the time
  4. Daniel married Leonora Heywood in 1776
  5. His bachelor uncle (Daniel the Deemster) died 1775, leaving Daniel his main beneficiary. Daniel subsequently sold off parts of the Mylrea estate, the Dollough, left to him in 1775 and received about £3,000 from the various purchasers
  6. These sales signalled the end of Mylrea ownership of the fabled Dollough which had been occupied by the Mylrea clan since records began
  7. Evidently there was some omission in previous Deeds recessitating clarification of access for the various purchasers of what essentially became a subdivision of the Dollough Estate

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