PURCHASE - 1713 (Ballaugh)

Be it known unto all men by these presents that we Captain John Wood and Leonora Wood als Cannell my wife at present living and residing at Nunnery in the parish of KK Braddan several motive reasons with pressing occasions us hereunto moving more especially for and in consideration of the just and competent sum of one hundred and fourteen pounds sterling to be paid in manner following viz the sum of sixty pounds to be paid towards the discharging of a mortgage which Capt. James Christian hath upon the premises hereafter mentioned and the other fifty-four pounds to be paid at the signing of these presents from and at the hands of our friend Mr Daniel McYlrea jnr of the parish of Ballaugh do demise, alienate, pass over, estrange and forever absolutely sell and by these premises have demised, alienated, passed over, estranged and forever absolutely sold from us the above said Capt. John Wood and Leonora my wife our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns all the whole right, title and interestest that we the said Capt. John Wood and Leonora my wife or either of us now hath, heretofore have had, or hereafter may or can have in and unto the whole piece or parcel of meadow ground commonly called and known by the name of Clarke’s Close of such annual or yearly rent as the same ought to bear and shall be adjudged by the Setting Quest of Ballaugh parish situate and lying in the said parish being a member or part of the Whitehouse estate in the parish of KK Michael already encumbered and mortgaged unto the said Capt. James Christian of Milltown for the sum of sixty pounds sterling to discharge part of the debts contracted by Peter Heywood esq deceased former husband of the above Leonora Wood als Cannell unto him the said Mr Daniel McYlrea his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns with all manner of easements, liberties, profits, commodities and advantages, ways, waters, watercourses, with every other appurtenances unto the same belonging or in any ways appertaining thereunto to have and to hold all the above mentioned parcel of Intack called Clark’s Close with the appurtenances thereunto belonging and peaceably use, occupy and quietly to possess and enjoy the same without any ..., stop, hindrance, molestation or disturbance of us the said Capt. John Wood or Leonora my wife our heirs, executors or assigns or any other person or persons whatsoever claiming ... behalf of either of us forever as aforesaid he the above said Mr Daniel McYlrea hereby binding himself his heirs and assigns yearly and every year to pay or cause to be paid unto our honorable Lord’s Moar .........the annual rent of the ......with all such suits and services as shall become due and payable out of the same upon the ................. accustomed days we the above Captain Wood and Leonora my wife further hereby binding and obliging ourselves ........ .....................premises and to defend, uphold and awarrant the same .......................... capacity to dispose of the above premises in every respect hereunto according to the true meaning and purport of this Bill of Sale and to procure the worshipful Court’s confirmation and observance hereunto according to the constitution of this Isle to enter or cause to be entered the said Mr Daniel McYlrea’s name as true tenant of the honourable Lord’s Rent Roll and to do all and every thing or things necessary to be done in the law for his the said Mr McYlrea’s further and better security of the premises and for the true and faithful performance of this Bill of Sale and all and singular the covenants herein mentioned and expressed we the said John Wood and Leonora my wife do hereby firmly bind and oblige ourselves, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty and forfeiture of two hundred and thirty pounds sterling be levied in the nature of all other fines viz the one half to the right honourable Lord of this Isle and the other half to the party performing covenant. In testimony whereof we have caused this Bill of Sale to be drawn and have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seals this 30th day of October 1713. J.Wood, Leonora Wood

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of Jon Wattleworth, Nich Christian, John Williams, John Wattleworth jnr, John Kneen his mark X

5th November 1713 the abovementioned Capt J. Wood and Leonora his wife came this day before the Deputy Governor by reason that the above sale is made to Mr Daniel McYlrea jnr son of Mr Deemster McYlrea and acknowledged the above Bill of Sale to be their voluntary act and deed and also acknowledged to have received this day and before the full ................. money. J. Rowe, William Sedden

We the Setting Quest of Ballaugh parish whose names are underwritten do hereby certify that the yearly rent of the above mentioned parcel of land called Clark’s Close is eighteen pence. As witness our names and marks this 3rd of May 1714. William Craine my mark X, William Corlett my mark X, Philip Corlett my mark X, William Corlett

[Ref: SSS Ballaugh #52]


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; Dollough estate
  2. Daniel McYlrea jnr, son of Daniel Mylrea (Deemster) and Margaret Curlett als Parr, baptised 1684 in Ballaugh
  3. Grand father William was the parish Captain of Ballaugh; father Daniel was Attorney General 1690-1695, and Deemster 1695-1724; Daniel jnr was Attorney General 1720, Deemster 1734-1757
  4. Married Lucy Parry about 1715, probably in England; 11 children of whom 5 reached full adulthood
  5. This current contract is for a large sum (£140) for the time, an indication of the prosperity of this family
  6. In 1709, the parents of Daniel jnr settled the Dollough estate on their unmarried 25 year old son, Daniel jnr, and bound him to purchase more land (perhaps this is it), and to pass everything on as inheritance. This plan came to nought with the son of Daniel jnr (also named Daniel) who died a bachelor and left the Dollough estate to his oldest nephew (also named Daniel) who promptly sold the estate in many parcels in 1777.

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