Articles of Marriage condescended, agreed and concluded upon by and between David Myleroie of the parish of KK Lonan on his own behalf on the one party and Thomas Killey and his wife Margaret Killey als Waterson of the said parish in behalf of their daugher Margaret Killey on the other party as followeth:

First, it is agreed upon between the above parties that the said David Myleroie and Margaret Killey shall enter into the holy estate of matrimony before the end of one month ensuing, the date hereof God and Holy Church permitting the same.

Secondly, it is agreed upon that the above said David Moyleroie do settle three pounds of cash of his own proper goods as legacy unto the foresaid Margaret Killey his intended wife; if the foresaid David happen to die before the end of one twelve month and a day after being married, also Margaret Killey do likewise settle three pounds of her own proper goods unto David Myleroie her intended husband to be paid him as legacy in the foresaid manner if she happen to die before the end of one twelve month and a day of the date hereof.

Thirdly, it is agreed and conditioned upon that the said Thomas Killey with the consent of his wife Margaret do give the whole half of their farm called by the name Ballagean in the foresaid parish unto their said daughter Margaret and her husband for to till and labour the said half of Ballagean during the life of the longer liver of either Thomas Killey or Margaret his wife, and to receive the benefit thereof annually between the said parties viz Thomas Killey and his daughter equally between them, together with half of the husbandry gears to till the foresaid land and also to pay what rent, boons and other services annually affixed on the said half farm equally between the foresaid Thomas Killey and his daughter Margaret Killey.

Likewise the foresaid Thomas Killey and his wife Margaret doth now give one half of their proportion of the crop of Ballagean unto their daughter Margaret to hold the same immediately after her self and husband David Myleroie being married and the said daughter Margaret to enjoy the whole half of the crop of Ballagean for her own proper goods and half husbandry gears after the death of the longer liver of either Thomas Killey or Margaret his wife unless the said daughter Margaret and her husband do leave the said farm and forsake to till and labour it, then in that case they the foresaid Margaret and her husband are liable to quit both farm and crop

Also the foresaid Margaret Killey and her husband is obliged to maintain the family of the foresaid Thomas Killey with necessary kitchen during the life of the said Thomas Killey or Margaret his wife.

Further it is agreed upon by the foresaid Thomas Killey and Margaret his wife that they do give a parcel of their Intack called and known by the name Close Moar in the parish aforesaid unto his daughter Margaret and husband for to till and labour it in the same manner as they do Ballagean and likewise to receive the benefit of the said parcel equally between them during the life of the said Thomas Killey or Margaret his wife and to pay what rent is accustomed annually to be paid out of the same, proportionable between the said Thomas Killey and Margaret his daughter.

Further be it known unto all presents that I Thomas Killey with the full consent of my wife Margaret Killey als Waterson do settle all our right and title to the aforesaid parcel of Intack known by name the Close Moar in the above said parish upon our foresaid daughter Margaret Killey after the decease of the longer liver of either of us Thomas Killey or Margaret my wife with sixpence halfpenny rent fixed on the same and the said parcel of Intack to pass in the nature of inheritance unto the foresaid daughter Margaret and to her issue by her husband David Myleroie and the whole crop of the foresaid parcel of Intack to be wholly to our daughter Margaret after the decease of the longer liver of us, Thomas Killey or Margaret my wife.

Also it is further conditioned upon the foresaid Margaret Killey and David her husband is hereby oblige themselves to ... to the foresaid Thomas Killey and Margaret his wife in their old age in all befitting means during their life.

Lastly to the full and perfect performance of all the above Articles of Marriage and conditions above mentioned, all the above parties do mutually bind themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators or assigns in the penalty of forty pounds sterling to be levied according to law in the nature of all fines within this Isle.

In testimony thereof the above parties hath hereunto set their names and marks the 31st October 1755. Thomas Killey his mark X, Margaret Killey als Waterson her mark X, David Myleroie his mark X, Margaret Killey her mark X

Signed and delivered in the presence of James Scarffe, John Knakill his mark X

8th October 1756 James Scarffe and John Knakill the subscribing witnesses made oath that Thomas Killey and Margaret Killey als Waterson duly executed the within and above Articles of Marriage in their presence. David Myleroie and Margaret Killey acknowledged the same to be their proper act and deed. Before me John Taubman

At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas the 18th October 1756 the beforegoing Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered it, it is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Basil Cochran, Dan Mylrea, John Quayle, Dan Lace, Dan Mylrea, John Taubman

[Ref SSS Oct 1756 #40]


  1. COLBY - Baljean - Close Moar
  2. From these Articles of Marriage, it is clear that David took no land or possessions into his marriage to Margaret Killey. A parcel of Close Moar intack was contributed by Margaret's parents wholly & soley to Margaret. The other element in the Contract, use of half of Killey's Baljean quarterland holding during the lifetime of her parents, Margaret's brother James was heir at law and would interit the Baljean quarterland and several intacks on the death of his parents (his 1853 Marriage Contract)
  3. Margaret's father died in 1756, and her mother in 1761, at which point the Baljean estate and all but one of the Killey intack parcels came into the possession of James and his wife, Joney Freer
  4. Margaret was a widow with four children when she married David. She had originally been married to a KERMOTT
  5. David & Margaret were married 4th November 1755. They had at least four children: Daniel [b1756-1771], Margaret [b1759], David [b1762] & James [b1764]
  6. David was the son of Richard ( & Isabel Moore), and baptised in 1727 in Lonan
  7. David's grand father, David, was the "foundation" Mylroie in Lonan.
  8. David's father, Richard, married three times: first to Isabel Moore 1714, second to Ellinor Ffargher 1732-1739; third to Mary Quark 20th July 1740-1749
  9. In his will, Richard named nine children: Richard, Thomas, William, John, David, Margaret, Isabel, Catherine & Ann. Potentially John (MYLROI) b1724 & David (MYLROIE) b1726, Margaret MYLRIOYE (b1718), Isabel MYLROIY (b1721) (first marriage)/ Richard (McLEROY) b1736 (second marriage) / Thomas b1743 & William (MYLEROI) b1746 (third marriage); Catherine, Ann (no baptism record)
  10. In 1781, David & Margaret settled their expanded Close Moar holding on their son, David jnr who married Catherine Quayle 1789
  11. David died 1796 and Margarett MYLREOIE als KELLY (sic) was buried 26th December 1799
  12. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, & Marriage Contracts on her CD, A Manx Notebook

1752-2 E w KILLEY Ellinor [bur Lon 17520509] badly torn; bro James Killey; sis dau Mary Kermod; sis Jony Kermod als Killey, Margt Kermod exexs

SSS May 1755 43 James Killey & Jony Freer Bra 17530804 dated 31 Jul 1753;Thomas Killey (Bal-gean, Kk Lonan) + wife Margt als Waterson obo their son + heir James Killey; John Freer (Braddan) + wife Bahee als Fayle obo their dau Joney Freer; to marry within a month; Killey to settle half of purchased estate of Bal-gean (purchased from Nich Kelly) + the 5 associated intacks total 4s 1d rent - other half at decease of longest liver but reserving the mansion house they now live in - also the benefit of a cow for dau Margt Kermott als Killey during her viduity; Freer to give £25; Witt Patt Killip, Willm Killey x

1761-2 E w KILLEY Margaret WATERSON [bur Lon 17610521]; d 20 May 1761; names Margt Killey d/o James Killey + sd mk's sisters Joney + Jane; gson Thos Kermott; son James; gson Wm Kermott; dau Margt; gdau Margt Mylroie; son-i-law Thos Kemott + wife Joney; Joney Killey w/o James Killey; dau Joney; dau Margt Mylroi (w/o David) execx (+ sevl other named bequests); petn by David

1782-1 E d KILLEY James [bur Lon 17820106] d Jan 1782; 3 ch Margt, Joney + Jane; Philip Skillicorn h/o Joney [no marr found]; James Kelly h/o Margt [m Lon 17701211]

1784 A 5 KILLEY Joney [Freer] [bur Lon 17840228] d 27 Feb 1784; widow of James Killey, Balgean; s-i-l James Kelley, daus Joney, Margt; gson James Kelly; dau Jane Skillicorn exec; Jane's cousin Margt Freer; John Skillicorn h/o Jane; [?m Bra 17530804 but 2 James Kelly + Jony Freer or Jony Fargher]

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