PURCHASE - 1766 (Lonan)

Know all men by these presents that I Robert Kneale of the parish of KK Lonan with the joint consent of my father Thomas Kneal and also with the full and free consent of my wife Cathrine Kneal als Skillicorn diverse good causes and reasons us hereunto moving but chiefly and more especially for and in consideration of the full and just sum of nine pounds of good and lawful money according to the currency of this Isle seven pounds ten shillings thereof to be paid or secured to be paid to me the said Robert Kneal at the worshipful Deemster’s attestation hereof and the other thirty shillings to be paid unto me Thomas Kneal also at the worshipful Deemster’s attestation which completes the above sum of nine pounds at, by and from the hands of David Mylroie of the aforesaid parish

Have given, granted, alienated, passed over, bargained and sold and by these presents do give, grant, alienate, pass over, bargain and forever absolutely sell from us, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns all and singular our right, title, property and interest we now have, heretofore had, and hereafter may or can have of, in, and unto a certain parcel of an Intack land lying and being in the said parish commonly called and distinguished by the name Knock –Doo being part of Dreem Chulby adjoining the north west corner of the Close beg on the east, and from thence running upon a direct line upward to the mark already fixed at the Turf Road, from thence leading downwards to the upper end of William Croghan’s Intack ,then downwards from said William Croghan’s rent to Philip Fargher’s rent, and said David Mylroie’s rent on the west and as far as the said premises fully extend, reserving a road or way for ourselves, our heirs and assigns to pass and repass upon all occasions of four yards broad from the end of said Close and that David Mylroie shall keep a gate there leading to the Knock-Doo in the usual place

To have and to hold unto him the said David Mylroie the bargained premises his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns from the day of the date hereof and every individual, part and member of the same with the whole and full profits and issues thereof, together with all ways, waters, watercourses, easements, liberties, appurtenances and appendages unto the same belonging or in any wise appertaining, the water that runs through said premises from said Kneal’s other lands excepted, he the said David Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns yielding and paying forever the annual Lord’s Rent of nine pence halfpenny or such rent as the Setting Quest of the parish shall adjust thereon and doing and performing all other dues and duties annually incumbent upon the premises at the times and seasons usually accustomed, we the said Robert Kneal, Thomas Kneal and Cathrine Kneal obliging ourselves, our respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to defend, maintain, uphold and awarrant the said David Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the peaceable possession of the premes against the pretended right, claim or demand of any person or persons claiming any right or title thereto and further to do, perform and effectively perfect, execute and finish any act or deed which may at any time hereafter appear to be necessary or requisite for the said David Mylroie’s heirs and assigns better security and sure holding of the before mentioned premes.

And for the true and faithful performance of all and singular the before going Bill of Sale and every article, clause and sentence therein contained, we the said Robert Kneal, Thomas Kneal and Cathrine Kneal do hereby firmly bind and oblige ourselves, and each of use and every of our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty and forfeiture of twenty pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law.

In witness whereof we have caused our names and marks to be hereunto set and subscribed this 3rd of December the sixth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the third by the grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, defender of the faith etc. and in the year of our Lord 1766. my mark X, Thomas Kneale my mark X, Robert Kneal, Cathrine Kneal als Skillicorn my mark.

Signed and duly executed Robert Kneal, Thomas Kneal and Cathrine Kneal in the presence of us James Scarff, Thomas Quark

May 8th 1767 Thomas Kneale, Robert Kneale and Cathrine Kneale acknowledged this Deed of Mortgage to be their proper and voluntary act and deed and that the consideration money therein mentioned is fully paid and satisfied. Before me Robert Heywood

The Setting Quest of the parish of KK Lonan are hereby required to set the rent on the premises in the before written Deed of Mortgage (struck out) Sale …………. given this 19th February 1767. Robert Heywood

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at Douglas for Garff Sheading the 14th October 1768 The beforegoing Deed of Mortgage (sic) being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of, for and in the name of the most noble John Duke of Atholl and Charlotte Duchess of Atholl, Lord and Lady of the Manor and confirmed by this Court. Dan Mylrea

We the Setting Quest of KK Lonan commanded by virtue of the worshipful Deemster Heywood’s authority at the suit of David Mellaroi in order to settle a rent on a parcel of the …… owner purchased of Robert Kneal of said parish, we have appeared on the premises and viewed the same and do settle and proportion sixpence rent on the premises and this we give as our answer the 3rd May 1768. William Moore, Dan Kneale, Dan Calister his mark X

[Ref: NSS Oct 1768 #24]


  1. ALL COLBY - Close Moar
  2. David was the son of Richard & Isabel Moore, baptised in 1727 in Lonan. He married Margaret Kermott als Killey 4th November 1755. They had at least four children: Daniel [b1756-1771], Margaret [b1759], David [b1762] & James [b1764]
  3. Margaret was a widow with four children when she married David. From their Articles of Marriage, it would seem that David took no land or possessions into his marriage to Margaret Killey and thatsome Close Moar intack was contributed by Margaret's parents.
  4. This contract expands their Close Moar holding
  5. In 1781, David & Margaret settled their Close Moar estate on their son, David jnr who married Catherine Quayle 1789
  6. David died 1796 and Margarett MYLREOIE als KELLY (sic) was buried 26th December 1799
  7. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

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