PURCHASE - 1803 (Lonan)

Know all men by these presents that Thomas Cowin of Ballacowin in the parish of KK Lonan by and with the joint consent of Margaret Cowin my wife divers good causes and reasons us hereunto moving but chiefly and more especially for the consideration of eighty pounds currency of this Isle already received and paid, the receipt thereof we do hereby acknowledge at, by and from the hands of David Mylroy of said parish

Have given, granted, alienated, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant, alien, pass over and forever absolutely sell a certain parcel of Intack known and called by the name of the Catey, the field called ne Cullen cret ne hunny, the Croit veghveagh and the three little fields adjoining thereto on the south-east, also to the Garey part of our rent on the south-east called the Garey, to the Crow ne buttan and Looney cut on the south-west, to the rent of William Croghan"'s and said David Myroy on the north-west, and to rent of said WIlliam Croaghan on the north-east and of such rent as the Setting Quest shall adjust on the said premises

To have and to hold the said premises from and after the day of the date hereof together with all ways, waters, easements, liberties, properties, rights, titles and appurtenances thereunto the premises belonging or in any wise appertaining, he the said David Mylroy, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns yielding and paying the annual Chief Rent and doing and performing all dues, suits and services annually incumbent upon the said granted and sold premises at the times and seasons usually accustomed, and I the said Thomas Cowin with Margaret my wife do hereby awarrant and defend the said David Mylroy in the peaceable possession of the said premises against the demand of any person or persons whatsoever.

And for the true and faithful performance of all and singular the before going Bill of Sale and every clauses therein contained, I the said Thomas Cowin and Margaret my wife do hereby bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors, admistrators and assigns in and under the penalty of two hundred pounds to be levied and paid according to law.

As witness our names this 8th of February 1803. Thomas Cowin, Margaret Cowin

Signed and delivered in presence of James Quayle and John Kneal

Douglas 7th Jan 1806 Thomas Cowin and Margaret Cowin [consensually?] acknowledged the foregoing Deed to be their act and deed and that the consideration money hath been paid. Before me John Cosnahan

At a Court Baron holden at KK Michael for the Sheadings of Michael, Ayre and Garff, the 22nd April 1806 the before written Deed having been acknowledged before an High Bailiff and being now openly published in Court and no objection being offered against it the same is ordered to be recorded . …………………….., John Cosnahan

[Ref: NSS May 1806 #25]


  1. ALL COLBY - Close Moar
  2. On this day, David jnr sold a parcel of Close Moar land to Thomas Cowin, & Thomas Cowin sold several fields to David jnr
  3. David jnr was the older son of David Mylroie snr & Margaret Kermott als Killey, baptised 1762. His father settled the family estate [Close Moar] on David in 1781. The original piece was part of the Marriage Contract between David & Margaret, given by Margaret's family in 1755. David snr added more in 1757 & 1766
  4. David jnr married Catherine Quayle 10 January 1789. Possibly nine children, six surviving to adulthood: James (1793-1839), Thomas (1797-? ) William (1803-1848), Daniel (1808-1900) Robert (1811-1869), Margaret (1790-1851)
  5. David jnr made a Settlement upon his oldest son James in 1829
  6. David jnr also made a Settlement on his youngest son Robert in 1833, perhaps because this son cared for his parent in their old age. This later settlement was the current purchased lands
  7. Catherine Mylroie als Quayle died 1834
  8. Oldest son James unfortunately died before his father and while the lands settled on him by his father were transmitted to James's oldest son, a lad named Thomas, who ulltimately passed the estate on to his son Joseph in 1905
  9. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

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