LETTER - 1790 (Douglas)

John Taubman esq

Douglas 10th April 1790

Sir ….I have the pleasure to receive your favour of ….ult by which I see you have a prospect of … a successful stand against the Duke….the business will be gone into so far as .… any future attempt of his upon us … want of friends and assistance here must be great when he depends upon Captain Small and the Deemster the latter of whom will act I think with some little caution – poor Mylrea being sent up by Captain Small shows how hard they are run … little for them but I hope they may (send him) home a Lightfoot which will be doing well for him

I had a letter lately from Colonel Stowell. He wishes to be informed how you go taken … the liberty to desire him to write to you on the business. I hope and expect (he will) be of service as his connections and acquaintances with members of Parliament is extensive and I am certain … willing … against ….wrote you sent you thirty pound bill to be fee …but from what you …Young's intention, I hope you … much more to our satisfaction

I am with best wishes Sir

For your most obedient servant

Robert Haywood


  1. The writer and recipient were once business partners of Daniel Mylrea of the Deemster/Archdeacon/Attorney General line of Mylreas
  2. Of most interest here is Heywood's comment that Daniel had been sent up by Captain Small
    • reveals that Daniel was involved with the Manx Fencibles before 1790 although documents show he was still in business with Robert Heywood, who was also his brother in law
    • shows that Daniel was in trouble within the military, which matched his failed business affairs and problematic relationship with money
  3. a decade on and Robert Heywood was sued by Taubman's son, the latter having discovered while winding up his father's affairs that Heywood had lent company money to Mylrea, and it was never repaid
  4. Daniel was the older and only surviving son of Thomas Mylrea and Rose Savage. He came from a very comfortable, upper social standing within Manx society yet his life from an ealy age was littered with difficulties, apparently of his own making
  5. One possible interpretation is that he was a thoroughly spoiled and failed to live up to his potential
  6. In later life he redeemed himself as the saviour of hundreds of people during a shipwreck off the coast of Newfoundland, a wreck that also claimed the life of his wife and two daughters

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