JAMES MYLEROIE from John Kewley

Purchase - 1802 (Lonan)

Know all men by these presents that I John Kewley, mariner, at present in the Isle of Man with the consent, assent and approbation of Frances Kewley als Nessop my wife, at present in England, diverse good causes and valuable considerations me hereunto moving but chiefly and more especially for the consideration sum of two hundred and fifty-five pounds British currency of Great Britain (including the mortgage on the following demised and sold premes) to be paid and satisfed to me at, by and from the hands of James Mylroie of the parish of KK Lonan in manner following, that is to say one half of the consideration sum aforesaid at the signing of these presents and the other half at the signing of the aforesaid Frances Kewley als Nessop my wife

Have therefore given, granted, bargained, alienated, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain, alienate, pass over and forever absolutely sell from me, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns unto him the aforesaid James Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns all the right, title and interest that I have in and unto a certain parcel of lands situated in the parish of KK Lonan known by the names of Colby, the said premises consisting of Quarterland and intack and bounded or adjoining John Kerlwy's Baldoon rent on the south-west, John Quine's rent on the west, and towards the north the Commons on the north the Ballagaire, on the east Croughan's rent on the south-east and south

To have and to hold unto him the said James Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns from me the aforesaid John Kewley, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the premises aforesaid in immediate possession together with the appertenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining with all water, watercourses, easements, liberties, and profits to the said premises belonging or in any wise appertaining, he the said James Mylroie yielding and paying the annual Lord's rent together with boons, suits and services usual and incumbent in said premises

And I the said John Kewley and Frances my wife do hereby covenant and agree, bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns that we are in full power and legal right to sell said premises and to uphold, awarrant, defend and keep the aforesaid James Mylroi, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the peaceable and quiet possession of the premises against the claim, challenge or demand of any person or persons whatever to the same

And for the true and faithful persomance of which I the aforesaid John Kewley and Frances my wife do hereby bind and oblige ourselves, heirs, executors administrators and assings in and under the penalty of five hundred pounds British to be levied and paid according to law

As witness our subscriptions this 9th day of November 1802. John Kewley his mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of Charles Calvin, John Stephen his mark X

Douglas 13th November 1802 John Kewley acknowledged the Deed of Sale to be his act and deed and to have received the consideration. Before me John Cosnahan

Signed and delivered by Frances Kewley (alias Hessop) in the presence of us. John Christian, John Kewn

Douglas 19th November 1802 John Kewn made oath that Frances Kewley executed this Deed of Sale in presence of the defendant and John Christian. Before me John Cosnahan

At a Court Baron holden at KK Michael for Garff sheading the 27th day of October 1803 The beforewritten Deed having been acknowledged before a High Bailiff and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it it is therefore ordered to be recorded. John Lace

[Ref: NSS Oct 1803 #25]


  1. ALL COLBY - Ballacosney
  2. James was the younger son of David Mylroie snr and Margaret Killey who married in Lonan in 1755
  3. He was baptised 1764 and married Elinor Skillicorn in 1785. They had 7 children with a record of existence: BAPTISM - James jnr (1788), Margaret (1791), John (1793), William (1796), Elinor (1801), Joseph (1805), and ADMINISTRATION & MI- Thomas (1795)
  4. Thomas died in 1840, and had an MI which confirmed his relationship in this Mylroie family
  5. A Daniel was recorded as being born to James & Margaret but this was the individual who married Mary Ann Tear and later Jane Lowrey, and was the son of James's brother, David jnr. This Daniel was baptised one month after James's son Joseph in 1805 which also suggests that this record of baptismwas a transcription/vicar error
  6. Two sons, John & William, died in 1819 and 1818 respectively, leaving their brothers James jnr & Joseph to carry on the family name
  7. This purchase represents James establishing his own family estate. He had first been a mortgager to John Kewley for the lands in 1790, and just over 12 years later, Kewley sold those lands to James for £225

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1761-2 E w KILLEY Margaret WATERSON [bur Lon 17610521]; d 20 May 1761; names Margt Killey d/o James Killey + sd mk's sisters Joney + Jane; gson Thos Kermott; son James; gson Wm Kermott; dau Margt; gdau Margt Mylroie; son-i-law Thos Kemott + wife Joney; Joney Killey w/o James Killey; dau Joney; dau Margt Mylroi (w/o David) execx (+ sevl other named bequests); petn by David

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