Settlement - 1853 (Lonan)

Know all men by these presents that I James Mylroie of Ballacosney in the parish of KK Lonan with the consent of Ann Mylroie als Kewley my wife diverse good causes and reasons us hereunto moving but chiefly and more especially for the good will and affection we have and do bear unto our dutiful and affectionate son and heir at law John Mylroie

Have given, granted, bargained, passed over and settled and do by these presents give, grant, bargain, pass over and forever absolutely settle from us, our executors, administrators and assigns the one third of our estate of Ballacosney for seven years, commencing from the twelfth of November last and from the end and expiration of said seven years, the one half or moiety of all our right and title in the aforesaid estate together with the same proportion of the houses, gardens, haggarts, and out offices erected on the same during the natural life of us James Mylroie and Ann Mylroie and after the decease of the said John Mylroie, his heirs, executors, or assigns shall possess the whole of our right and title of the said property forever

To have and to hold unto him the said John Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the before mentioned, granted and settled premises with all ways, waters, watercourses, easements, rights and appurtenances to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining he the said John Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns yielding and paying all dues and duties incumbent on the estate also a promissory note of ten pounds with the interest and to repair the mansion house if required

For the true and faithful performance ………….. each party to the other do bind and oblige ourselves, our executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty of one hundred pounds to be levied and paid according to law. As witness our subscription this the 4th day of February 1853. James Mylroie his X, Ann Mylroie her X, John Mylroie his X

Signed and delivered in presence of James Skillicorn, James Mylroie

At Douglas 21 May 1853 James Mylroie and Ann Mylroie and John Mylroie the executing parties to the foregoing Deed who are personally known to me acknowledged the same to be their proper act and deed. Before me J.C.Bluett

Register Office 21 May 1853 I certify that the foregoing Deed was this day at the hour of one o’clock afternoon received by me at this office for the purpose of being registered and recorded according to law and that the same is entered in the Acquisition Book 3 Page 124 No. 990. JEBWatts, D Reg

[Ref: May 1853 #48]


  1. COLBY - Ballacosney
  2. James jnr was the older son of James Mylroie snr & Elinor Skillicorn, and baptised in 1788
  3. He married Ann Kewley in 1824. They had five children: Elinor (1824), John (1826), Thomas (1829), James (1833), & Ann (1843)
    • Elinor married Robert Kelly
    • John married Elleanor Fargher 1852
    • Thomas married Ann Kelly 1854
    • James died aged 22
    • Ann married Richard Smith 1863
  4. James snr had settled the family's Ballacosney estate onto James jnr in 1828 and now James jnr was settling the estate onto his oldest son, John
  5. In 1856, there was a legal dispute involving James and his younger brother Joseph over their respective boundaries, Joseph having been given one fourth of Ballacosney by his mother in 1841, the brothers having reached a division of the lands in 1845
  6. This oldest son John and wife Elleanor had 7 children: John James 1853, William Henry 1854, Thomas Arthur 1855, Frederick 1858, Edward George 1861-1861, Richard Fargher 1864-1884 & Elleanor Ann 1865
  7. In 1876 oldest son John died just two years after his father, leaving his son 22 year old son, John James, as heir at law
  8. John Isaac Mylroie, the only son of John James, would eventually sell the estate in 1908 and Ballacosney was gone from the Mylroie family forever

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