MARRIAGE CONTRACT - 1801 (Ballaugh)

Articles of Marriage concluded and agreed upon by and between John Mylrea of Balla Cooiley in the parish of Ballaugh by and with the consent of Jane Mylrea otherwise Clark his wife for and in behalf of their son and heir John Mylrea junior of the one part and John Corlet of Balla Neddin in the parish of Ballaugh aforesaid by and with the consent of Mary Corlet otherwise Caley his wife for and in behalf of their daughter Ellinor of the other part as follows: First It is agreed upon that the said young couple namely John Mylrea and Ellinor Corlet are to be joined together in the Holy Estate of matrimony within one month next ensuing the date hereof God and his Holy Church permitting. Secondly the said John Mylrea senior and Jane Mylrea his wife doth hereby give grant confirm and forever absolutely settle and estate unto and upon our said son John Mylrea junior all and singular the whole of their estate of lands as well Quarterland and Intack land and also their purchased lands in all respects whatever situate in the said parish the one moiety thereof upon the 12th of November next and the other half thereof after the decease of the longer liver of them the said John Mylrea senior and Jane Mylrea his wife and the said John Mylrea senior and Jane his wife doth hereby settle upon their son said John the one half of their live goods husbandry gears carts and implements thereunto belonging in immediate possession and also as much grain as will be sufficient for seed corn for the ensuing crop. Thirdly it is agreed upon and the said John Mylrea junior doth hereby engage and bind himself to pay unto his said parents the sum of fifty pounds currency of this Isle in consideration of this settlement together with the clearing off of the mortgage incumberance of and on the premises of lands herby settled so as to be no lien or charge against his parents aforesaid in any respects whatsoever the said fifty pounds payable unto his said parents at the end of one year next ensuing the date hereof. Fourthly The said John Corlet and Mary Corlet his wife doth hereby promise and engage to pay unto the said John Mylrea junior as portion dowry and marriage goods with their said daughter Ellinor the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds currency of this Isle payable the sum of one hundred pounds thereof upon the 12th day of November which shall be in the year 1802 fifty pounds more thereof upon the 12th day of November which shall be in the year 1803 the ... fifty pounds on 12th November 1804 and the remainder fifty pounds of the said dowry upon the decease of the said John Corlet and Mary Corlet his wife whichever of them shall happen to be the survivor and the said John Corlet and Mary Corlet doth further give unto the said young couple a feather bed and bedding suitable thereto. Fifthly and it is hereby to be understood that nothing hereinbefore contained shall or is to be construed so as to hinder bar or in anywise molest the said John Mylrea senior and Jane Mylrea his wife from disposing of the other half of their live goods and all other their personal estate not hereinbefore settled – or hinder the executors or administrators of the survivor of them from an executor's crop in the common and ordinary course of law And sixthly and lastly for the faithful performance of all and singular the beforewritten Deed of Contract the said parties do bind and oblige themselves the either to the other and their heirs executors administrators and assigns in the penalty of one thousand pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law. As witness their subscriptions this 27th day of October 1801

John Mylrea snr X my mark, Jane Mylrea my X mark, John Corlett, Mary Corlet X my mark, John Mylrea, Ellinor Corlett

Signed and delivered in presence of John Stephen, Dan Stephen

NB. The said John Mylrea snr and Jane his wife reserves the dwelling house at Balla Cooilley to themselves during their lives and the life of the survivor of them under the said penalty

At a Court Baron holden at Ballaugh for Michael and Ayre Sheadings the 5th October 1802 the beforewritten Articles of Marriage having been acknowledged and proved before me and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against them the same are ordered to be recorded. JM Crellin

At a Court holden at Ramsey 20th July 1802 John Mylrea jnr one of the subscribing parties to this Deed acknowledged the same to be his proper act and deed and Mr John Stephen and Daniel Stephen gentlemen the witnesses thereto deposed upon the Holy Evangelist that the other executing parties to the said deed duly executed the same in their presence. Before me John Crellin

[NSS 14 ??/1802]



  1. Ballacooiley
  2. John Mylrea snr lost his father Thomas when he was just 6 years old. His mother Isabel als Killip soon remarried, and with the help of his uncle Nicholas Mylrea snr, kept the farm going until John was old enough to take responsibility. Thomas had left mortgages over parts of Ballacooiley worth £50 plus interest, which were repaid after John fnr took over Ballacooiley
  3. John Mylrea jnr was the older son of John Mylrea snr & Jane als Clark. He was baptised in 1759
  4. John Mylrea jnr married Ellinor Corlett in 1801, when he was 42, which seems old for a first marriage - they were referred to as "the young couple" in the Marriage Contract
  5. The Marriage Contract for this couple brought £250 into Mylrea hands and the first instalment was applied to settling a 20 year old mortgage taken out by John Mylrea snr
  6. John & Ellinor had nine children: Jane (b1802 married John Rogers), Ellinor (b1804 married John Cannon), Margaret (b1806 married Daniel Cowley), Thomas (b1807 married Ann Quayle) Elizabeth (b1809 married John Morrison), William (b1811-1835) , Charlotte (b1813-1836) , Ann (b1816-1854), Philip James (b1818)
  7. The oldest son of John & Ellinor, Thomas, took over Ballacooiley but it was soon crippled with debt and sold in 1868. The Mylrea estate known as Ballacooiley was lost forever
  8. Margaret & Daniel Cowley migrated to Australia in 1738. They had no children and died within a few years of their arrival
  9. Philip James might have been the James Mylrea, living in the Hunter Valley region of Australia in 1850 and later a farmer at Nundle in New South Wales where he died a batchelor in 1906 aged 87

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