MORTGAGE - 1777 (Ballaugh)

Know all my by these presents that I John Mylrea of Ballne Cooiley in the parish of Ballaugh divers good causes and considerations me hereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the just and competent sum of one hundred and thirty pounds Manks currency to me in hand already paid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, sixty-five pounds from the hands of Richard Quirk of KK Patrick and sixty-five pounds from the hands of Thomas Waterson of said parish which completes the above sum of one hundred and thirty pounds have given, granted, demised and mortgaged and do by these presents give, grant, demise and mortgage all my right, title, interest and property that I now have or hereafter can have in and unto my whole Quarterland of Ballne Cooiley situate in the aforesaid parish of Ballaugh bearing the annual Chief Rent of nine and twenty shillings or thereabouts be the same or less to have and to hold unto them the said Richard Quirk and Thomas Waterson their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the premises before mentioned by me my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for and during the full term, time and space of five years commencing from the date hereof with all ways, waters, watercourses, easements, liberties, profits and advantages belonging to the said premises or in any wise appertaining to the same they the said Richard Quirk and Thomas Waterson paying yearly and every year the annual Chief Rent thereof with all boons, suits and services due and payable out of the same at the usual times and seasons accustomed within this Isle provided nevertheless and it is further covenanted and agreed upon that if in case the said sum of one hundred and thirty pounds be not justly repaid at the end or expiration of the term of the said five years with the interest due thereon which is to be after the rate of five pounds out of year hundred yearly that then and in that case it shall and may be lawful for them the said Richard Quirk and Thomas Waterson to enter upon the said demised and mortgaged premises with all appurtenances to the same belonging and to hold the same from year to year until both principal and interest costs and charges be fully satisfied and paid according to the Act of Settlement provided for in such and the like case and I the said John Mylrea do engage to see them the said Richard Quirk and Thomas Waterson tenants upon the Court Rolls if required and for the true and faithful performance of all which I the said John Mylrea do bind and oblige myself my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty and forfeiture of three hundred and sixty pounds to be levied and paid according to law as witness my name and mark this 5th of November 1777.

It is agreed upon between the parties that the said John Mylrea is to continue possession of the premises during the term and time of five years aforesaid he binding himself to pay the interest of twelve pence Manks per pound yearly and every year out of the consideration sum above mentioned under the above penalty. John Mylrea my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of John Cottier his mark X, Patrick Hutchin his X

22nd November 1777 John Mylrea the within named executing party to the beforewritten mortgage acknowledged the same to be his proper act and deed and to be fully paid the consideration money therein mentioned. Before me Robert Farrant

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at Peeltown for Michael Sheading the 22nd May 1778 the before written Deed of Mortgage being acknowledged before the High Bailiff of Peeltown and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same therefore is allowed of, for and in the name and behalf of most noble John, Duke of Atholl, Lord of the Manor of Mann and the Isles and confirmed by this Court. John Quayle, William Callow

We Richard Quirk and Thomas Waterson the mortgagees in the before written Deed of Mortgage named do hereby acknowledge to be fully paid and satisfied the principal, interest, costs and charges due and attending this Deed and do therefore hereby cancel the same. As witness our names and marks this 23rd October 1782. Richard Quirk, Thomas Waterson my mark

Witness to the identity of the said Thomas Waterson is the said Richard Quirk. Before me Robert Heywood (Deemster)

[Ref: NSM May 1778 #21]


  1. John inherited Ballacooiley after his father Thomas died although he was only 6 years old. His mother Isabel als Killip and uncle Nicholas Mylrea snr must have kept the farm going until John was old enough to take responsibility.
  2. When John's father died in 1744, he left his widow Isabel als Killip with two young children and mortgages over parts of Ballacooiley worth more than £50 plus interest. Over the next two decades, John took two mortgages and eventually sold a piece of land, all most likely to extinguish the obligations left by his father
  3. John married Jane Clark in 1758, and had 12 children: John (b1759) married Ellinor Corlett, Daniel (b1761) & Mary Hughes, Isabel (b1763) & Patrick Cowley, Jane (b1765) & James Corlett, Margaret (b1767) & Thomas Corlett, Ellinor (b1774) & John Caley, Ann (b1776) & John Corlett, Thomas (b1769) & Mary (b1772) died of smallpox within days of each other in 1773, William (b1771), & Thomas (b1779) died in infancy. Wife Jane died 1803
  4. This is the first time that the entire Ballacooiley estate had been mortgaged, and the reason for such a large mortgage was that John was about to purchase adjoining Dollough Moar lands from a third cousin (Daniel Mylrea) for £250, and he needed to pay half (£125) at the signing of the Deed of Sale in November
  5. It was the first of several transactions that John undertook over the next 5 years. In 1780 & 1782, he mortgaged the land he had bought in 1777 but sold it in 1782 for what looked like a much reduced price. In hindsight, the 1777 purchase might not have been a good business proposition

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