SALE - 1670/1 (Michael)

Know all men by these presents that I John Macyelera of the parish of KK Michael with the consent of my wife Catherin Cally for diverse and sundry causes us moving and especially being constrained thereunto by poverty and also chiefly in consideration of the just sum of 3 pounds of lawful money to be paid unto us at or before the feast of Michaelmas next ensuing the date herof at, by and from the hands of our loving friend Adam Callister of the said parish or by his assigns have assigned, surrendered, bargained and sold and by these presents do absolutely assign, surrender, bargain and sell forever unto the said Adam Callister, and to his heirs, executors and assigns half a quarter of land of the yearly rent of 8s commonly called Ballnareny and situated in Kirk Michael with all easements and liberties, profits and commodities all thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining quietly and peaceably without let stop, hindrance or disturbance of us the said John and Catherin nor of our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns nor any other manner of person or persons in our behalf forever, provided always that the said John Macylrea and his wife Catherin do procure the officer’s confirmation hereto at or before the satisfying of the above said payment and also cause the said Adam’s name to be entered in our honourable Lord his booklet for the rent of the said parcel and for the true performance hereof both parties have bound themselves either to other in the penalty and forfeiture of 5 pounds of lawful money the one half to the Lord of the Isle and the other half to the party performing bargain and to acknowledge this to be both party's voluntary act and deed, they have caused their names to be written and thereunto join our marks this 6th of January Anno Domini 1670

John Macylrea his mark X, Catherin Ylria als Cally her mark X, Adam Callister his mark X

Witness hereof Charles Cannell his mark X, Gilbert Corlett his mark X, Thomas Shimmin his mark X, John Kaighin his mark X

It is also agreed upon that the abovementioned John Macylera is to enjoy one day’s ploughing of oat lands and seven buts of barley land of the above mentioned said quarter during his and his wife’s life and at the latter day of the longest liver of them it to return to the said Adam Callister and his assigns. As witness our names and marks subscribed the day and year above written. Adam Callister his mark X, John Ylrea his mark X, Catherine Cally her mark X

I John MacYlrea above mentioned and Catherin Cally do acknowledge and confess ourselves to be fully paid and satisfied in the above 3 pounds due for the lands above expressed by the above said Adam Callister and to witness this to be [a truth?] we have set our names and marks hereunto this 21st of November 1671.

John Ylrea his mark X, Katherin Cally her mark X

At Peeltown the 23rd of May 1672

This day the within John McYlrea came in Court and acknowledged all and singular the within premises (averring likewise to his wife’s consent thereunto) to be their voluntary act and deed and craved our allowance and confirmation thereof which is granted according to the statute providing in that behalf and this by us.

Henry Norris, Richard Tyldersley, Thomas Norris, Edward Christian, Thomas Huddleston, Thomas Norris, William Qualtrough

Entered at the request of Adam Callister. By me Joann Pane, Dep Reg

[Ref: Liber Canceller (1672-1675) 1673 p49-50]


  1. Rencullen treen, Balnarenny quarterland
  2. John & Catherin purchased this piece of land in Michael in 1661 from Robert Freere, and sold it in 1670/1 (the present contract)
  3. The purchase contract with Freere required John to offer the land back to Freere (or his heirs etc), yet he has sold to Adam Callister. 1677 LV for Michael "This 4s 6d rent was sold by Robt Ffreere son of Jo Freere unto one Jo Mcylrea who since sold it [to] Adam Callister as appears by their sd [?] bill [] confirmed & is in possession & for ye other 4s [? ?] ye right Wm Ffreere grandchild to ye sd Jo [? ?] theirfore all names are entered.
  4. John might have been baptised 1611 (no parents mentioned); might have had children John 1650 & William 1661
  5. John's last recorded transaction was in 1670 when he observed they were selling because of poverty
  6. If the John who died in 1675 was the vendor, then he was buried with the notation in the parish record "heir to Balemenagh", which is either a quarterland in the treen of Shalghag, an indication (thus his father Thomas and grandfather Rich), or in the treen of Oristall. While it seems more likely that he was the son of William Mylrea of Oristal, the evidence is far from conclusive
  7. The burial record for a Cath Mylrea (Miylrea) of Balnarenney in Michael in 1723 was for Cath, the sister of Hugh Mylrea and Mary (Cannell), and not the wife of John MacYlrea
  8. In 1600, an earlier couple named John Mcylrea & Catherine Cowley were involved in a dispute although it is not stated in the records the parish involved. The squabble was over a wheat crop, with Thomas Quaile & his sister, the upshot being that Thomas received 1/2 of the crop, Catherine received 1/4, and John with Thomas & his sisters received the other 1/4 - evidently another John Mylrea
  9. The Manorial Roll for Michael in 1495 showed at least 5 and possibly 9 Mc gilreas as tenants in the parish, more than in other other parish at the time yet there is no firm connection between John and any of these Mac gilreas
  10. In the 1600s, several Mylreas from Michael left wills although whether they were of John's family is unknown:
    • 1595 Will: Johanis Mc ilrea (children William, Johns, Jonet, Donald, Johanis)
    • 1627 Will: Richard (children Christian, Thomas, William, Christian, Bahie)
    • 1634 Will: Madge Tear als Mylrea
    • 1637 Will: Joney Cannel als Mylrea
    • 1650 Will: Margaret Mylrea als Callister (children William, Ales)
    • 1654 Will: Willliam Mylrea (children Mabel, John, Jane)

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