SALE - 1782 (Ballaugh)

Know all men by these presents that I John Mylrea of Balla Cooiley of the parish of Ballaugh with the joint consent and approbation of Jane Mylrea otherwise Clark my wife for and in consideration of the sum of twenty-six pounds and ten shillings currency of this Isle, seven pounds whereof being paid unto us before the signing of these presents and the remainder part of said consideration money being nineteen pounds and ten shillings to be paid unto us at, by or upon the tenth day of October next ensuing the date hereof at, by and from the hands of Daniel Corlet (Hammy) in said parish have given, granted, alienated, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant alienate, pass over and forever absolutely sell unto him the said Daniel Corlet his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns all and singular the whole right, title, property and interest in and unto that part of our estate of Intack lands situate in said parish commonly known and distinguished by the name Croite y Craine as the same is already fenced adjoining the rent of John Kneen and Margaret Kneen on the east, John Stephen’s lands called Ballavolly’s Close on the south, the lands of Thomas Clark on the west, the rents of John Tear and William Cannel on the north and of the yearly Lord’s Rent of five pence to have and to hold unto him the said Daniel Corlet his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the said premises with all and every its ways, waters, watercourses, liberties, privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining to said premises forever as aforesaid commencing from the day of the date hereof he the said Daniel Corlet his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns yielding and paying the Lord’s Rent of the premises with all boons, suits and services annually incumbent on said premises. And I the said John Mylrea and Jane Mylrea my wife do hereby firmly bind and oblige ourselves our heirs executors, administrators and assigns to uphold, awarrant, maintain and defend the premises in the peaceable possession of said Daniel Corlet his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns against the pretended right, challenge, title, or demand of any person or persons whomsoever to said premises. And for the faithful and true performance of all and singular this Deed of Sale I the said John Mylrea and Jane my said wife do hereby firmly bind and oblige ourselves our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty of fifty-three pounds sterling. As witness our names and marks this seventh day of February one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two. John Mylrea my X mark, Jane Mylrea my X mark

Signed and delivered in presence of Philip Craine, Daniel Stephen

I John Mylrea named in the before going Deed of Sale do hereby acknowledge to have received and to be fully paid at, by and from the hands of Daniel Corlet the purchaser also named in the said Deed the full sum of nineteen pounds ten shillings Manks being part payment of the consideration money mentioned in said Deed. As witness my name and mark to my name this 21st day of October 1782. John Mylrea my X mark

Witness present Daniel Stephen

27th November 1782

John Mylrea and Jane Mylrea acknowledged the beforewritten Deed of Sale to be their proper and voluntary act and deed and that the consideration money therein mentioned. Before me Thomas Moore

At a Court Baron holden at KK Michael for the sheadings of Michael, Ballaugh & Jurby the 27th day of November 1782 The before written Deed of Sale being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objections offered against it the same is therefore allowed of for and in the name and behalf of the most noble John Duke of Atholl, Lord of Mann & the Isles and confirmed by this Court. Robert Heywood

[Ref: NSS October 1782 #34]


  1. John inherited Ballacooiley after his father Thomas died in 1744, although he (John) was only 6 years old. His mother Isabel als Killip and uncle Nicholas Mylrea snr kept the estate going until John was old enough to take responsibility. His father had sold and mortgaged parts of his Ballacooiley inheritance during his stewardship. When he died, John's father left a widow (Isabel als Killip), two small children and mortgages worth over £50 plus interest
  2. John married Jane Clark in 1758, and had 12 children: John (b1759) married Ellinor Corlett, Daniel (b1761) & Mary Hughes, Isabel (b1763) & Patrick Cowley, Jane (b1765) & James Corlett, Margaret (b1767) & Thomas Corlett, Ellinor (b1774) & John Caley, Ann (b1776) & John Corlett; Thomas (b1769) & Mary (b1772) died of smallpox within days of eachother in 1773; William (b1771), & Thomas (b1779) died in infancy. Wife Jane died 1803
  3. Over 30 years after his father's death, in 1777, John mortgaged the whole of Ballacooiley estate in order to purchase of the North Flatt lands. By the end of 1782, John had sold North Flatt at what seems like a greatly reduced rate, and another small parcel of land, and taken out another mortgage, all perhaps because the cost of the 1777 purchase outweighed John's ability to pay

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