Settlement - 1875 (Douglas)

Whereas John Mylrea of the town of Douglas is entitled to the several Deeds of Bond and Security or Mortgage mentioned and set forth in the schedule hereunto annexed and whereas John Allen Mylrea only son of the said John Mylrea intends shortly to enter into the holy estate of matrimony and the said John Mylrea is desirous to make a settlement upon him in anticipation of his said marriage Now therefore know all men by these presents that the said John Mylrea for an in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and doth bear to the said John Allen Mylrea and in consideration of the sum of five shillings to him in hand paid by the said John Allen Mylrea the receipt whereof is hereby annexed hath given, granted, transferred and assigned and by these presents doth give, grant, transfer and assign unto the said John Allen Mylrea all and singular the said several Deeds of Bond and Security or Mortgage mentioned and described in the schedule hereto annexed and all his right, title and interest therein to have and to hold the same together with the lands, houses and premises thereby charged unto the said John Allen Mylrea his executors, administrators and assigns from the day of the date hereof forever. In witness whereof the said John Mylrea hath hereunto subscribed his name this twenty–fourth day of May one thousand, eight hundred and seventy-five (1875)


Annexure (recorded below in the order they have been written and annotated)

Signed and delivered in presence of us Alfred A. Braid, Emily Curphey

At Douglas the 8th June 1875, Alfred A. Braid who is personally known to me, one of the subscribing witnesses to the execution of the foregoing deed appeared and made oath on the Holyl Evangelist that John Mylrea the executing party thereto duly signed the same in his presence and in the presence of Emily Curphey the other subscribing witness. Before me .................................. 2 signatures, undecipherable

[Ref July 1875 #16]]


  1. In sum, John Mylrea gave to his son a collections of mortgages worth over £5000, with interest attached until the principal sums were paid
  2. John Mylrea was the youngest son of Thomas Mylrea & Elizabeth Cowin, born in Lonan in 1818
  3. His father was a tailor in Lonan and later Douglas. Thomas died 1853 and Elizabeth died 1857, both in Douglas but buried in Lonan
  4. John spent several years in Liverpool learning his trade and lived there with his brother William. His brother Philip was also in Liverpool
  5. John married Jane Cain in 1844 and had a daughter Elizabeth Jane. Jane died 1847 and the child in 1858
  6. The Jonathan Cain mentioned in several of the mortgages might have been John's brother-in-law
  7. John subsequently married Jane Allen in 1848 and had a son John Allen Mylrea in 1849
  8. John Mylrea, the father, was evidently a businessman of some considerable influence if his mortgage activites are a sign of his economic strength
  9. His brother Philip in Liverpool displayed the same talents

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