QUIT CLAIM - 1748 (Malew)

Whereas I Margaret McYlrea now of Castletown widow was entitled unto half of Fildraw Moare in the parish of KK Malew being Abbey lands of the yearly rent of three shillings and four pence halfpenny or thereabouts which right I shall with the consent of my late husband and did give unto our son Charles McYlrea for the term of ten years for ten pounds five years of the said term being unexpired and my said son having lately engaged to pay Mr William Stole of Ballasalley the sum of seven pounds thirteen shillings and eight pence for the payments of which he is liable to the said Stole and and being unable to make him my said son satisfaction for the said moneys and having nothing left but whichever right I might have as a widow to the said estate after the expiration of the beforesaid unexpired five years if I should survive the said term

Therefore know all men by these premises that I Margaret McYlrea aforesaid for and in consideration of seven pounds thirteen shillings and eight pence do hereby give, grant and forever Quit Claim unto all or any right I have or may have unto the said estate of Fildraw from the date whereof and my said son to possess and enjoy the said land or widow’s right which inany wise might become due to me at any time hereafter without any interruption from me or any person or persons in my behalf from this day and this in the penalty of twenty pounds to be paid according to law Witness my subscription this 31st day of December 1748 Margaret McYlrea my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of us John Bell, William Bridson

3rd January 1748 Margaret McYlrea acknowledged the above Quite Claim to be her voluntary act and deed before me John Taubman

At an Abbey Court holden at Ballasalley the 12th of October 1750 The within Quit Claim being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objections offered the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law Dan Mylrea, John Taubman, William Christian, John Quayle, Dan McYlrea

[Ref: SSS Malew Oct 1750 #73]


  1. Fildraw
  2. Margaret was the wife of Charles snr, the oldest son of John Mylrea & Elizabeth Shimmin
  3. Presume her name was Kewley - not one document holds Margaret's maiden name which is itself quite unusual. A Margaret Mylrea als Kewley was buried in 1766 in Malew and Charles's wife is the only candidate
  4. This Quit Claim is a gift to her only son, Charles jnr, passing to him her share of the Fildraw estate to which she would have been entitled when her husband Charles died
  5. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised
  6. For further insights into the Malew Mylreas, please refer to Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw

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