Memorial - 1909 (Lonan)

This is a memorial of the last will and testament of John Mylroie late of Glen View, South Cape, Laxey in the parish of Lonan, retired engineer

1. The said John Mylroie died on or about the twenty-ninth day of November 1908 and probate of his will dated the seventeenth day of September 1906 was on the eighteenth day of January 1909 granted to Maria Mylroie, widow of the testator and John Joughin Quilleash executors therein named

2. The said John Mylroie was at the time of his death seized in fee simple of the following real estate namely (1) that estate and those lands and premises situate in the parishes of Bride and Lezayre commonly called and known by the name of Curragh Beg and containing 91 (ninety-one) acres 1 (one) rood and 16 (sixteen) perches of land or thereabouts together with the mansion house and all buildings thereon erected and also a parcel of land situate in the said parishes of Bride and Lezayre and called and known by the name of the Lough and to which said several properties the said John Mylroie became entitled by Deed of Sale dated the second day of May 1906 from Henry Goldsmith and others (2) a plot of land situate at Ballaraugh in the parish of Lonan together with the dwelling house and building thereon erected and to which said property the said John Mylroie became entitled as heir at law of his father John Mylroie who died intestate in the year 1892

3. By his said will the said John Mylroie bequeathed all the rents, issues and profits arising annually out of the whole of the real estate of which he was possessed at the time of his death to his wife, the said Maria Mylroie, during her natural life or as long as she remained a widow and upon the death or remarriage of his said wife Maria Mylroie he left, devised and bequeathed the whole of his real estate of what soever nature or description to his cousin John Joughin Quilleash of Ramsey and his heirs and assigns. subject to his cousin Mary Jane Quilleash of Ballaraugh aforesaid if she were unmarried at the date of his wife’s death having the free use and enjoyment of his said dwelling house and premises situate at Ballaraugh aforesaid so long as she remained unmarried

4. The said Maria Mylroie requires this Memorial to be recorded

Witness the name of Llewellyn Stanley Kneale of the Borough of Douglas, advocate and attorney for the said Maria Mylroie hereunto subscribed this twenty-first day of November one thousand nine hundred and nine.

Signed and delivered in presence of R.J.Cubbon, T.A.Kelly

At Douglas, Isle of Man December 1909 Thomas Arthur Kelly known to me and one of the subscribing witnesses to the execution of the foregoing Deed appeared and made oath on the Holy Evangelist that Llewellyn Stanley Kneale the executing party thereto duly executed the same in deponent’s presence and in presence of Robert James Cubbon the other subscribing witness thereto. Before me Frank J. Johnson, Registrar of Deeds

Registry Office for Deeds 22nd December 1909 I certify that the foregoing Deed was this day at the hour of 10.45 o’clock forenoon received by me at this Office for the purpose of being registered and recorded according to law and that the same is duly registered, recorded and entered in the Requisition Book seventeen, page 16, No. 200. Frank J. Johnson, Registrar

[Ref: Dec 1909 #36 Bride, Lezayre & Lonan]


  1. Ballaraugh
  2. Maria Mylroie als Killip was the wife of John Mylroie. She had been born in Lonan
  3. John Mylroie was the younger son of John Mylroie & Ann Quilleash. He was born in Lonan in 1846
  4. John jnr was a miner but over the years rose up the ranks to become an engineer
  5. He married Maria Killip in Liverpool in 1903 when he was 57
  6. There were no children of the marriage

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