Articles of Marriage conditioned, agreed and concluded upon by and betwixt Richard Molleroy of the parish of KK Lonan in behalf of himself on the one part; and Ellinor Ffargher of the said parish in her own behalf on the other part as follows:

Imprimus It is conditioned and agreed upon that the said Richard and Ellinor shall enter into the holy estate of matrimony within a fortnight after the date hereof God and Holy Church permitting

Secondly it is agreed upon that the said Richard Molleroy doth give, settle and estate upon his said intended wife all his right and title to and in the one half of his tenement and lands called Ballachoan during her natural life in case she survive the said Richard and likewise the said Ellinor doth settle her part of the said estate upon the said Richard her intended husband during his natural life in case he be the longer liver; and after the death of the longer liver of the said Richard and Ellinor the said lands and estate is to descend and fall to the issue begotten between them if there be any, otherwise the said Ellinor’s part of the said lands is to return and come to her executors.

Thirdly it is agreed upon that if the said Richard dies within a twelve months and a day after this date, the said Ellinor surviving that then and in that case the said Ellinor is to have and enjoy three pounds of the said Richard’s goods as legacy and if the said Ellinor dies within a twelve months and a day after this date, the said Richard surviving that then the said Richard is to have one pound ten shillings as legacy of the said Ellinor’s goods.

For the true performance of all and singular the foregoing Articles and Agreements both parties concerned have bound themselves, their heirs and assigns in penalty and forfeiture of twenty pounds sterling to be levied in the nature of all other fines within this Isle. As witness our hands and marks this 7th of November 1732 Richard Molleroy his mark X, Ellinor Ffaragher her mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of Nich Kennish his mark X, Robert Lewney his mark X

7th May 1733 Rich Molleroy and his wife came this day and have acknowledged the within Articles of Marriage to be their act and deed. Before me Charles Moore

At a Sheading Court held at Douglas the 7th May 1733 the beforegoing Articles of Marriage being acknowledged before the Deemster and now published in Court and no objection being offered against them the same are therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law Thomas Horton, James Horton, Charles Moore, William Christian, William Stonier, Charles Stanley, Dan Mylrea

[Ref: SSS May 1733 #64]


  1. Ballachoan = Farm of the valley or hollow (Ref: A Manx Note Book)
  2. Ballachoan was contributed to the 1709 Marriage Contract between Margaret McYlroy (Richard's sister) & Daniel Cowne. In 1717 Daniel & Margaret sold half of the estate to Richard who, because it was purchased land and not inherited, was able to pass it on to his second wife, and any issue who came from that marriage - disenfranching his older sons John & David completely
  3. Richard's parents were David McLerye & Margaret Cowne, almost certainly the "foundation" Mylrea clan in Lonan
  4. Richard married three times: first to Isabel Moore 1714, second to Ellinor Ffargher 1732-1739; third to Mary Quark 20th July 1740 -1749
  5. Richard & Ellinor married 13th November 1732; Ellinor (McYLEROY) was buried 10th February 1739
  6. Richard remarried Mary Quark 20th July 1740
  7. Richard (MYLROI) was buried 7th December 1749
  8. Richard named 9 children in his will: potentially John (MYLRIOYE) b1724 & David (MYLROIE) b1727 (first marriage)/ Richard (McLEROY) b November 1736 (second marriage)/ Thomas baptised 1743 & William (MYLEROI) b Sept 1746 (third marriage); daughters Margaret MYLRIOYI (1718), Isabel MYLROIY (1721) Catherine & Ann (no baptism record) (first marriage) - although Anne might be the McYLROY child baptised in 1730 with father Edward (not the first time such a mistake occurred in the parish registers)
  9. Mary Quark might have been the Mary MILARAY who was buried in Lonan, 1759
  10. Son Richard sold the lands he inherited in 1757 (when he was 21) and no further trace of him has been found
  11. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

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