Sale - 1707 (Douglas)

Know all men by these presents that I Richard Killey of the town of Douglas, weaver, with the consent of my wife Joane Killey als Mc Mylroye many good causes and considerations us thereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of four pounds one shilling of good and lawful moneys of England to be paid to us as followeth viz two pounds 6 pence to be paid at the signing, sealing and delivery of the said presents and the other two pounds six pence at the May courts next after the date hereof

Have given, granted, alienated, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant, alienate, pass over and absolutely sell forever all our interest, right and title in and to one house and garden of two pence yearly rent to the ... situate, lying and being in the town above said and known and called by the name of Quarke's house and garden and joining to the John Cottiman's rent at the west end and to John Key's rent at the eastern end to Thomas Cannell of the foresaid town, tailor, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns he the foresaid Thomas Cannell, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns to have, hold, occupy, possess and peaceably to enjoy the same forever without the lett, hindrance or molestation of us the above Richard Killey or Joane my wife, our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, he the foresaid Thomas Cannell, his heirs, executors or assigns yielding and paying the above said rent after his commencement on May day following this date

Further I the above Richard Killey and Joane my wife do hereby oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors or assigns to uphold, warrent and defend him the said Thomas Cannell, his heirs, executors or assigns in the full interest of the premises against all persons whatsoever, the Right Honourable the Lord of the Isle only excepted and to use our endeavours to ... the honourable Court's confirmation to these presents likewise to have the said Thomas Cannel entered as right tenant for the premises in the Lord's rental books

And for the true performance of all and singular the premises above said we bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns in the penalty of eight pounds two shillings stirling, the one half to the use of our honourable Lord and the other half to the above said Thomas Cannell, his heirs, executors or assigns as witness our hands and seals this twenty-second of January 1707/8. Richard Killey my mark R and seal, Joane Killey als Mc Ylroye my mark R and seal

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of Nicholas Kewley my mark N, William Coull

Witness William Flaxney

At a Sheading Court holden in Douglas the 14th of October 1708

The within mentioned Richard Killey and Jane his wife came this day into the Court and acknowledged the bargain and sale to be their voluntary act and deed whereupon the same is allowed of and confirmed by law according to us. John Parr, Chris Parker, William Sedden

[Ref: OD Onc 1/33]


  1. Sale is for the "house and garden on the sand side" on cottage allotment #104 (later renumbered 109). This tenancy was purchased by Richard in 1686. It became part of a holding which included what Jane had inherited from her parents, John Mcylroy & Kath Moore, and described in Lib Assed as "three houses and two gardens 12d, another little house and a house and garden on the sand side 2d" Total rent 14d. Next door neighbours were Phil Higgin and his wife Jane Mcylrea, and Robert Lewn, father of Margaret the wife of Thomas Mylrea. The allotments were on (now) Barrack St
  2. Jane's mother Kath died in about 1698, and father John left the island and never heard of again, so presumed dead
  3. Jane married Richard Killey in 1689 in Braddan, so presumably she was born in the late 1660s. Richard Killey was a weaver
  4. They had children Charles (b1693), Richard (1699), John (1701), Catherine (m John Cottiman), Esther (m Peter Moore Moore, Richard Joyner) 1704
  5. Son Charles had five children Richard (1731-1740), Thomas (1732-1732), Charles (1733), Jane (1735-1736) by wife Dorothy Gawn m1730 & d1735, and Elizabeth (1740) by second wife Margaret Maddrel m1739
  6. Daughter Catherine had three children - Jane (1725), John (1725), a son (1731)
  7. Daughter Esther had children Richard (1735), Esther (1739), Peter jnr (1741), & Isabel (1737) with Peter Moore; after his death, Esther married Richard Joiner in 1742 and had children Margaret (1743) & Catherine (1745)
  8. Son Charles had the poignant burial entry: Mr Charles Killey & Peter Moore merchants with many passengers perished at sea. Both their son and Peter Moore, their son in law, were buried January 25th 1740 in Braddan
  9. Jane died 1725. Husband Richard was described in the parish register of his burial: "old Richard Killey aged about 90" : 30th May 1744 Braddan so Richard was born 1655-1660
  10. Jane & Richard gifted another part of the allotment to their son Charles in 1723, and the remainder passed to their daughter Esther, and then their grandson Richard Moore in 1762
  11. NOTE: Be aware that cottage allotment numbers changed over time as Douglas expanded. Rent and neighbours become key elements in confirming whether the tenants (ie Charles Killey) have changed properties or whether they have remained stable while the allotment number from one LA to the next

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