LETTER - 1786 (Ireland)

Strangford, 13th November 1786

Mr John Taubman


I had the honour of writing to you some time ago requesting the favour of you to postpone the sale of my son Daniel Mylrea’s part of the red herring house at Douglas to which letter I had not the pleasure of receiving an answer and since which I have had more leisure to consider the affair more particularly and am in the strongest hope that you have not proceeded with the sale of the said house but that you will be so kind as to lay aside all thoughts of so doing and accept of the following proposal which if you are so kind as to comply with I am determined faithfully to fullfill, that is to say that you still hold the security given you by Dan Mylrea on his part of the herring house for the debt due you by him which I am informed is about six hundred and forty pounds British and I on my part promise and oblige myself to pay for the full amount of the said debt with the legal interest that may arise thereon at or upon the expiration of two years from the date hereof and that you then make me an assignment of the present security you have from Dan Mylrea on said herring house.

I assure you sir on the word of a Christian that if I could at present raise this sum involved I would not ask a day’s time for the discharging of this debt but I would choose always to be punctual in every transaction is what makes me request this length of time but rest assured that if I can raise the sum sooner than the two years it shall be as and when I receive it. I am sir, your most obedient servant, Rose Mylrae


  1. Rose's son, Daniel Mylrea, was obliged to surrender his (1/3) share in the business in which he was in partnership with Robert Heywood and John Taubman snr because of his endebtedness to Taubman. Daniel had borrowd £575 from Taubman the previous year and this had evidently ballooned out to £640
  2. Less than a decade previously, Daniel was should have been a wealthy young man, having sold off the family estate, the Dollough in 1777 for about £3,000
  3. Taubman took no heed of Rose's offer because he enforced the debt in 1787
  4. In 1802, Taubman's son & Robert Heywood sold the herring house for over £1,000
  5. Irish records from that period are scant and apart from a listing of Rose dying in Strangford (Ireland) in 1791, there is little further information about Rose

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