AGREEMENT - 1738 (Douglas)

Whereas there was an upper and under floor in the dwelling houses of Mr Pat Savage, merchant, in Douglas and William Cottier in said town which they have mutually agreed on to be divided for the greater conveniencey of each party, we the said Pat Savage and William Cottier with the consent of our wives do hereby bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, to stand and abide by the division that shall be made in the said floor by John Corris and John Lewin, masons, in the said town of Douglas

And for the true performance of the same, both parties doth bind themselves in the penalty of forty pound to be levied according to the nature of fines within this island. As witness our hands and seals this sixteenth day of April 1738. Pat Savage (seal) Margery Savage (seal) William Cottier his mark X seal) Cathrine Cottier her mark X (seal)

NB that Mr Pat Savage is to build the gable at his own expense

Signed,sealed and delivered in the presence of us William Cannel his mark X Thomas Cain

We, John Corris and John Lewin, of Douglas, masons, being chosen and appointed by Mr Patrick Savage and William Cottier of the said town to make a just division in the premises mentioned in the annexed agreement, having viewed the same, have made a legal division in the same to the content of both the parties beforementioned

Witness our hands this 8th day of May 1738. And further we declare that the gable in the said premises is altogether built upon the proper cost and charges of the said Mr Lewin

John Corris, John Lewin X my mark

1738 May 8th The parties concerned in the within bond and above agreement came before me and acknowledged the same to be their act and deed and also owned that the agreement is performed. Before me Charles Moore

At a Sheading court holden at Douglas the 8th May 1738 The before going agreement and division being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in court and no objection against them are therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law.

J. Murray, Dan Mylrea, John Quayle and William Christian

[Ref: N/SSS May 1738 #87]


  1. William Cottier was the tenant of cottage allotment #32, a smaller concern of a house and garden and rent 7½d, much smaller than the 2/10½ rent paid by Savage for cottage allotment #31
  2. Patrick Savage would become the father-in-law of Thomas Mylrea, son of Daniel Mylrea and Lucy Parry of the Deemster/Archdeason/Attorney General clan of Mylreas. He was the father of Rose, and she and Thomas were married in Patrick in 1743 in what was judged by the church to be a clandestine marriage
  3. Savage appeared in Douglas around 1720, presumably from Ireland. He was not the only member of the Irish Savage clan in Douglas at the time
  4. The Savages made their wealth from importing liquour and other goods to the Isle of Man (Ref: Wilkins: The Smuggling Trade Revisited 2004)
  5. The timing of this agreement is just a few years before the Savages relocated to Peel, on the other side of the island
  6. Patrick Savage died in 1762

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