AGREEMENT - 1757 (German)

We the Setting Quest of KK German being convened by the worshipful Deemster’s token at the suit of Mr Thomas Mylrea of Peeltown March .. in order to divide a certain meadow betwixt him and Henry Mylchreest of said parish purchased by the parties from William White of Peeltown bearing the annual Intack rent of five pence upon viewing and dividing the premises in two equal parts or shares said Mylchreest hath the south end of said meadow for his dividend and Mr Mylrea by choice given him by said Hen Mylchreest the north end for his dividend of the same the more betwixt both parties to extend and run from a grey stone set for a mark in the west side of said meadow and thence crossing the same in a line unto a white stone set in the east hedge of said meadow which said division we look upon to be just and equal and this we return for our verdict. As witness our subscriptions this 30th October 1756. Hugh Shimmin, John Gell, William Quirk, John Kaighin

30th October 1756 The Setting Quest delivered the above division to me. Dan Mylrea

Whereas the above said meadow was equally divided without any reservation made for a road to the then Mylchreest’s part who at present doth not stand in need of a road yet it is hereby agreed upon by both parties that in case the said Mylchreest, his heirs or assigns should at any time hereafter want a road through Mr Mylrea’s part that then and in that case he the said Hen Mylchreest, his heirs or assigns is to have a road through the premises upon giving an equivalent proportion of the said meadow unto the said Mr Tho: Mylrea, his heirs or assigns for the said road and for the punctual performance of all and singular the premises the parties do bind and oblige themselves, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns under the penalty of twenty pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law. As witness their names or subscriptions this 30th October 1756. Thomas Mylrea, Henry Mylchreest his mark X

Witnesses Thomas Cain his mark X, Thomas Cannell

30th October 1756 Thomas Mylrea and Hen: Mylchreest acknowledged the within and above Deed of Agreement to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me Dan Mylrea

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown 7th May 1757 The within and above Deed of Agreement being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of an confirmed according to law. Basil Cochran, Dan Mylrea, John Quayle, Dan Lace, John Taubman

[Ref N/SSS May 1757 #11]


  1. Thomas was the husband of Rose (Savage)
  2. His was of the Deemster/Archdeacon/Attorney General line of Mylreas; Dollough estate in Ballaugh although Thomas lived in Peel
  3. Thomas's lands and business activities should have made him a wealthy man. The business was largely in the running trade
  4. He died in 1759
  5. His oldest son Daniel received a significant inheritance from his father, and led a life characterised by bravery, sadness, and loss
  6. When Thomas's brother, Daniel, a bachelor and Deemster, died in 1775, he left Thomas's son Daniel as his main beneficiary, the chief asset of which was probably the heriditary Mylrea estate which Daniel sold in 1777 for about about £3,000. The sale signalled the end of Mylrea ownership of the fabled Dollough, occupied by the Mylrea clan since records began

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