Assignment of Mortgage - 1800 (Rushen)

Whereas John Kermode of Bradda in the parish of Rushen did by Deed dated the twenty seventh day of February one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine grant, demise and mortgage unto Thomas Mylrea that part of his estate known by the name of the East Flatt adjoining the rent of John Hutchen for security unto him the said Thomas Mylrea the payment of the sum of ten pounds currency of this Isle with interest out of the same at the rate of one shilling out of the pound by the year and all costs and charges attending the same be fully paid as by the said Deed dated as aforesaid may more fully appear and whereas the said Thomas Mylrea has this day agreed to transfer and assign the said Deed with the premes therein and thereby ........ unto Christopher Kinley of said parish

Now know all men by these presence that I the said Thomas Mylrea for and in consideration of the said sum of ten pounds currency aforesaid with the interest, costs and charges due thereon to me in hand paid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge by Christopher Kinley aforesaid have given, granted, transferred and assigned and by virtue hereof do give, grant, pass over, transfer and assign unto him the said Christopher Kinley all and singular the said Deed of Mortgage and the premes therein and thereby mortgaged to be by him possessed and enjoyed in as full and ample a manner as could or would hold, possess or enjoy the said mortgaged premes under the said Deed according to the law in such cases made and provided and the said Thomas Mylrea do hereby bind and oblige myself to uphold, awarrant, maintain and defend the said demised and transferred premes against the claim of all persons whatsoever and for the true and faithful performance hereof the said Thomas Mylrea to hereby do bind and oblige self my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty of twenty pounds to be levied and paid this 8th day of April 1800 Thomas Mylrea my X Signed and delivered in presence of John Crebbin, Charles Mylrea

Castletown 9th April 1800 the abovementioned Charles Mylrea one of the witnesses to be beforewritten Deed of Assignment made oath upon the Holy Evangelist that Thomas Mylrea the executing party to the same duly executed the Deed of Assignment as his proper act and deed in the presence of the deponent and of John Crebbin the other witness to the execution thereof before me John Lace?

At a Court Baron holden at Castle Rushen in Rushen Sheading the 17th April 1800 the before written Deed of Assignment being proved before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it ordered to be recorded for the benefit of all persons concerned John Lace?

[Ref: SSM May 1800 #59]


  1. Fildraw beg - second son of Thomas Mylrea & Jony Kinley, born 1716
  2. Thomas Mylrea might have married Isabel Gelling in the early 1740s. This young woman died 1743. He then married Elizabeth Shimmin July 1746, Malew
  3. Seven children: Jony 1747, John 1749, Deborah 1752, Charles 1754, Elizabeth 1757-1757, Catherine 1759, Margaret 1762. Last two born in Rushen
  4. It is highly likely that Thomas remained on the family's Fildraw lands while their owner, his brother John jnr, worked as a cooper in Castletown. The lands were sold in 1757 which roughly coincides with when Thomas's family took up residence in Rushen
  5. John's wife Elizabeth was buried 10th March, 1781 Rushen
  6. Four children were named in Elizabeth's will [Jony, Deborah, Charles, Margaret], John & Catherine had died in 1765 of smallpox, and Elizabeth had not survive infancy
  7. Jony (died 1797), Deborah (died 1802) & Charles (died 1809) continued to live in Rushen, none marrying. Margaret married Peter Christian 1892, Rushen, and had several children - Thomas (1795-1802), John (1797), Margaret (1800), Isabel (1802). Daughter Margaret had an illegitimate child named John Cannell in 1825, fathered by James Cannell (ref
  8. No concrete evidence as to Thomas's fate but the Thomas Mylrea given as a pledge in in Elizabeth's will suggests he was still alive in 1781 so he was probably the Thomas Mylrea who died in Rushen, 1801
  9. This mortgage is the only record of one of the Fildraw Mylrea loaning money to someone else!
  10. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised

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