Damage to Brewery - 1797 (Maughold)



Thomas Mylrea of the parish of Lezayre brewer complaineth against William Kissack of the town of Ramsey shopkeeper and dealer

And showeth

That the plaintiff hath for several years past carried on the brewing business and continues to brew ale and beer for the use and consumption of this Island

That the plaintiff did some years ago purchase a plot or parcel of ground in the parish of Lezayre aforesaid situated at or near Straun e Crow or Crawe for the purpose of erecting a brewery and other convenciences thereon in order to carry on the said Brewing business more beneficially and extensively and the plaintiff did for the convenience .... water of the said stream erect at or near the said Straun e Crow or Crawe a brewery and other conveniences at considerable trouble and expense

That the plaintiff carried on the said brewing business for some years at the said brewery with considerable credit and advantage to himself and the plaintiff had this year laid in a considerable stock of malt, hops and other articles for the purpose of pursuing the said line of business

That the said defendant though no way ignorant of the premises and with a most wicked and malicious design and intention of injuring the plaintiff's said brewery did on or about the seventeenth of August last past bring or cause to be brough from a distant place a quantity of green flax and did cause the same to be put in the said stream of water called Straun e Crow or Crawe some short distance above the plaintiff's said brewery and the said defendant did afterwards cause another parcel to be put in the said stream and continued thereby to render the water useless to the plaintiff and unfit to be used for the use of the said brewery until some time after the 5th day of September following and now last past when the said defendant thought proper to surcease and to give up the said infamous and injurious practice

That the plaintiff by means of the said defendant's said proceedings was put to great trouble and expense in getting water and his ale and beer did then and hath since continue to be in disrepute and not in demand whereof the plaintiff charges that hs is damaged in the sum of five hundred pounds and for recovery thereof he brings this suit and prays judgement according to the due course of Common Law


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; Dollough estate
  2. Thomas Mylrea was the son of Rev William Mylrea & Ellinor Gell, and born in 1758 in Ballaugh
  3. He became an MHK 1809-1819, never married, and died at the age of 71 in Ramsey, leaving everything to his nephew Daniel who died unfortunately soon thereafter
  4. His mother left him Belltown (Billtown) in her will
  5. His major claim to fame seemed to be as a brewer
  6. In the space of a decade, the remnants of this family all but died out:
    • Thomas 1830
    • Ellen, d/o Daniel 1830
    • Daniel 1832
    • Thomas, s/o Daniel 1836
    • Daniel, s/o Daniel 1837
    • Susannah, wife of Daniel 1839
  7. Thomas's niece, Susannah Alice Mylrea married Philip Moyle John Lyons in 1833. They did not have children and she died in 1851

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