MORTGAGE - 1739 (Ballaugh)

Be it known to all men by these presents I Thomas Mylrea of Ballne Cooley within the parish of Ballaugh with the full consent of my wife Isabel Mylrea als Killip divers good causes and reasonable consideration us hereunto moving but more especially for the consideration of the just and entire sum of seven pounds currency of this Island to us paid from the hands of our friend John Cain of the above said parish have given, granted, bargained and do by these presents give, grant, bargain, surrender and pass over in mortgage a certain parcel of our tenement of Ballne Cooley aforesaid called and known by the name of Crot ne Bengey, computed to be about three days ploughing or thereabouts as are already marked by the parties, first beginning from the crooked corner of Patrick Craine’s Flatt and so running in a direct line westward to the goss hedge on the west side, and then southward as the hedge runs up to the house in the said croft, all this for the term time and space of five years taking commencement at and from the 1st day of November last past, he the aforesaid John Caine paying such a proportion of rent as the Setting Quest of the parish shall settle or allot on the premises the which rent he is to pay to our Right Honourable Lord of this Isle and his successors at times and seasons accustomed with all suits and services due and incumbent on the said land, to have and to hold with all ways,waters, easements and liberties thereunto belonging. Also it is agreed upon by the parties the Thomas Mylrea is to enjoy the benefits of the said land during the term he paying yearly the interest as the law directs in the like cases unto the aforesaid John Cain and if this parcel of land are not redeemed by me the said Thomas Mylrea or my heirs at the expiration of the five years that he the said John Caine, his heirs, executors or assigns is to hold and continue his possession for one year longer and so from year to year till the sum of seven pounds are fully paid and satisfied and I the said Thomas Mylrea and Isabel my wife do awarrant, maintain, secure and defend the said John Cain in quiet and peaceable possession against all manner of persons pretending any right or title unto the premises and furthermore will endeavour to procure the worshipful Deemster’s attestation, the Honourable Court’s confirmation and all other acts, thing or things that will be further necessary for the said John Cain’s better security and for the just performance of all the within Bill of Mortgage all parties concerned do bind themselves in the penalty and forfeiture of twenty pounds the one half to the Honourable Lord and the other half to the party aggrieved. And to witness the same have set their marks to their names this 5th November 1739 Thomas Mylrea my X, Isabel Mylrea als Killip her X

Signed and delivered in presence of John Cowley my X, Thomas Cannell

17th November 1739 Thomas Mylrea and Isabel Mylrea acknowledged the within and above Bill of Mortgage to be their voluntary act and deed and also to be paid the consideration moneys therein mentioned. Before me Dan Mylrea

We the Setting Quest of Ballaugh do hereby certify that the yearly rent of the within premises is two shillings and this we return for our answer. As witness our names and marks this the first of May 1740. Thomas Quaile, William Corlett, John Tear, Pat Craine

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown the 8th May 1740 the within and above Bill of Mortgage having been acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in court and no objection offered against it is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Dan Mylrea, John Taubman, John Murray, Charles Stanley, John Quayle William Christian

I William Cowley, assignee of the within mortgage, do hereby acknowledge to have received the consideration money of seven pounds with the interest and all charges attending. Thereof this deed is cancelled. As witness my hand this 1st February 1755 William Cowley my X. Before me John Quayle (Comp 23)

[Ref: NSM May 1740 #107]


  1. Thomas became the steward of Ballacooiley when his uncle John died in 1739, without issue
  2. Thomas born 1707, married Isabel Killip 1734 Ballaugh; six children but only two surviving (John b1738, Mary b1744) when he died in 1744. Daughter Mary died 1748
  3. Thomas died leaving not only a young widow and two small children but also over £50 of mortgages against Ballacooiley
  4. This is the first mortgage taken out over Ballacooiley land after Thomas became its owner. It was originally set at 5 years, but endured for 16 years and was presumably paid off by Thomas's son, John
  5. Thomas took three more mortgages over the next five years, perhaps a sign that Ballacooiley did not pay its own way. They would all have gone to his son John, who was 6 years old at the time, but were eventually settled well after Thomas's death
  6. Thomas's brother Nicholas snr was probably the guiding influence for John as a boy. Helped the boy mortgage parts of the estate when he was 14 years old
  7. Ballacooiley stayed in the family, John married Jane Clark in 1758 and Mylrea line of succession continued
  8. After Thomas's death, Isabel Mylrea als Killip married William Caine 1747

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