THOMAS MYLREA to Thomas Mylrea

MORTGAGE - 1742 (Ballaugh)

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Mylrea of Ballne Cooley of the parish of Ballaugh for the consideration of eight pounds currency of this Isle already paid me, the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge have given, granted and mortgaged and by these presents do give, grant and mortgage unto Thomas Mylrea of the parish of KK Braddan all my right and title in and unto a certain part of my Intack land situate in the Curraugh in the said parish called Ballne Cooley Close viz the middle parcel in the north end of the said Close as the same is bounded by a ditch computed to about three daymoths of land, joining to the rent of John Stephen on the north, and to the left of the said close on the east south and west side,

To have and to hold the premised parcel with all ways and waters, profits and advantages and all other appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said Thomas Mylrea, his heirs and assigns for the term of five years commencing from the 29th September last, yielding and paying such a proportion of the Lord’s Rent as the Setting Quest shall proportion thereon with all boons, suits and services annually incumbent on the premises and in case the foresaid sum of eight pounds be not fully repaid and satisfied unto him the said Thomas Mylrea, his heirs and assigns at the expiration of the said term that then it shall be lawful for the said Thomas Mylrea, his heirs and assigns to continue possession of the premises from year to year afterwards until the same be fully paid and satisfied, provided nevertheless that I the said Thomas Mylrea shall have the profits of the premises during the term of this demise, paying the lawful interest of the said sum upon the day of commencement of this Deed in every year, but in default of such a payment on the time prefixed that it shall be lawful for the said Thomas Mylrea, his heirs or assigns to enter upon and continue possession of the premises until the said sum with the interest behind and in arrear be fully paid and satisfied

For the faithful performance of this Deed of Mortgage and every clause and sentence contained herein, I the said Thomas Mylrea the mortgager and likewise Thomas Mylrea the mortgagee do bind our selves, heirs and assigns in the penalty of double the value to be paid according to law. As witness our names and marks this 21st day of March 1742 Thomas Mylrea my X, Thomas Mylrea my X

Signed and delivered in presence of Pat Craine, John Tear

21st March 1742 Thomas Mylrea and Thomas Mylrea acknowledged the within and above Bill of Mortgage to be their voluntary act and deed and Thomas Mylrea acknowledged to be paid the consideration money therein mentioned. Before me Dan Mylrea

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown on the 5th May 1742 the before going Bill of Mortgage being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Dan Mylrea, John Taubman, John Quayle, William Christian

11th August 1753 I John Corlett assignee of this mortgage do acknowledge to have received the within eight pounds mortgage money with all charges therefore this Deed is cancelled by me John Corlett. Before me John Quayle (Comp)

[Ref: NSM May 1743 #81]


  1. The mortgagor/borrower was the Thomas Mylrea who inherited Ballacooiley estate when his uncle John died in 1739, without issue
  2. Thomas was baptised 1707, married Isabel Killip 1734 Ballaugh; six children but only two surviving (John b1738, Mary b1744) when he died in 1745. Daughter Mary died 1748
  3. This is the second time that a part of Ballacooiley was mortgaged. The first parcel was mortgaged in 1739 (Crotn e Bengey). In 1743 another parcel - Lower Flatt - would be mortgaged for £21, and also in 1743, another part of the Close was mortgaged. He had already sold land he inherited from his father and (possibly) the land which came with Isabel when they married
  4. Thomas had died leaving not only a young widow and two small children but also over £50 of mortgages against Ballacooiley
  5. Each of the mortgages, originally for 5 years, endured for much longer and must have been paid off by Thomas's son, John
  6. The mortgagee/lender was a Thomas Mylrea from Braddan, although perhaps he was born in Ballaugh in 1708, and the morgager's second cousin, having a common great grandfather, Jon Mylrea or Jon de Dollough
  7. Thomas Mylrea the mortgagee married Jane Karran, probably in the early 1730s, and died in 1774 in German
  8. The mortgagee assigned this mortgage to John Corlet in 1746 and it was eventually paid off in 1753, well after the death of Thomas, the mortgagor

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