Petition #79 - 1840 (Lonan)

To his Excellency Colonel John Ready, Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man

The humble petition of Thomas Mylroie of Lonan, a minor of the age of eleven years


That your petitioner upon the death of his father became entitled to certain lands situated in the parish of Lonan called Close Moar which by reason of his …. age he is unable to manage

Wherefore your petitioner prays a hearing of this petition and that your Excellency may be pleased to assign some proper person or persons as guardians over your petitioner and he shall pray.

J. Quirk for petitioner

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard on this day. Given the 7 May 1840.

J. Ready

At a Chancery Court holden at Castle Rushen the 7 May 1840

This petition is continued. J. Ready

At a Chancery Court holden at Castle Rushen the 4 June 1840

Upon hearing this petition and consideration had thereof it appears necessary that some proper persons should be appointed guardians of the petitioner and Margaret Mylroie, Thomas Tear and John Cowle having been proposed to this Court as fit and proper persons for that purpose, the said Margaret Mylroie, Thomas Tear and John Cowle were accordingly sworn in Court well and truly to administer the estates real and personal of the petitioner to his greatest benefit and advantage and the said Margaret Mylroie, Thomas Tear and John Cowle are hereby appointed guardians of the petitioner with full and ample power to act and transact all matters and things in their capacity as guardians for and in the name of their ward and it is hereby ordered that whatever the said guardians shall lawfully do or cause to be done in the premises shall be as good, binding and effectual upon the petitioner and all persons claiming or to claim by, from or under him as if he were of full age and in his own proper person had done and executed the same and it is hereby further ordered that the said guardians do return to this Court full, true and particular accounts of their acts, receipts, transactions and proceedings in the premises when thereunto lawfully required. J. Ready

[Ref: Chancery Court Petitions 1840 #79]


  1. COLBY - Close Moar
  2. This petition, brought by 11 year old Thomas Mylroie, was necessitated by the death of his father, James Mylroie, in 1839
  3. James had married Margaret Teare in 1829 in Patrick, a week after James's parents David Mylroie jnr & Catherine Quayle had settled the family estate on him
  4. James & Margaret had four children: Thomas b1830, Margaret b1833, Eliza b1836, Joseph b1839
  5. When his father died in 1839, Thomas, the heir-at-law was under-age, and obliged to go to Court to have guardians appointed in order to manage the Close Moar tenancies
  6. One year later, his widowed mother, Margaret (one of his 3 Court appointed guardians), took the children to live in Douglas, where she made her living as a huckster.
  7. Margaret and her children all used the spelling MYLREA instead of the family name MYLROIE and the practice continued through legal documents and events, perhaps the result of a census collector or legal person, rather than a conscious effort to change their name on Margaret's part
  8. Thomas Mylroie became a carpenter/joiner and lived his life in Douglas
  9. He married Mary Clague in 1861 and had three children who never married, including his only son Joseph, born 1861. A fourth child in the family, Mary J.B., born in 1856 was from an earlier marriage of Mary's.

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