THOMAS MYLREA to William Cain

SALE - 1758 (German)

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Mylrea of the parish of KK German with the full consent of my wife Jane Mylrea als Karran for and in consideration of the sum of forty shillings Manks value to be paid (whenever my .....ity will require the same) at, by and from the hands of William Cain of the said parish

Have given, granted, passed over and sold and do by these presents give, grant, pass over and forever sell unto him the said William Cain, his heirs and assigns from us the said Thomas Mylrea and from Jane my wife aforesaid, all our right and title in and unto the one half of a certain parcel of land in said parish which was lately purchased by me from Nicholas Cain and William Cain viz. the southward part or half thereof the same is part of the Quarterland of Moaney Moar adjoining to the common road on the south to the Curragh Fooagh? on the west, to the other half of said land that I do reserve for myself on the north, and to the Curragh Mollogh on the east, and to be of such yearly Lord’s Rent as the Setting Enquest shall settle thereon together with half of the Intack unto the said tenement belonging, which said half beareth two pence annual rent or thereabouts be it more or less, and also said William Cain is hereby to stand possessed of the south-east part of the property? dwelling house now on the tenement, together with half of the other houses thereon erected, and it is now agreed on by the foresaid vendor and purchaser that a common driving road shall be of six yards to lead from the houses of said tenement towards the common road, that is at the south side of said tenement which road of six yards breadth is to be for the use of both parties and their successors and the same to be in the place where the usual road of said tenement was

To have and to hold unto him the said William Cain and assigns the said land and houses in manner as beforesaid, with all and every the appurtenances to the same or to any part thereof in any wise belonging or appertaining, he the said William Cain or assign paying the honourable Lord’s Rent thereof with all other customs and services usually payable out of the same and to stand possessed of the same from and after All Hallow’s day next, possessing forever without the least molestation of us the said Thomas Mylrea and Jane my wife or any person in our behalf

And for performance of the beforegoing Bill of Sale the parties concerned do hereby bind and oblige themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns each to the other in penalty of ten pounds sterling to be levied according to law. Witness their subscription this 30th day of September 1758. Thomas Mylrea my mark X, William Cain, Jane Mylrea my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of us Thomas Cannell, Henry Quay

16th October 1758 All the subscribing parties to this Bill of Sale and Deed of Agreement acknowledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me Dan Lace

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown the 16th October 1759 The beforegoing Bill of Sale and Deed of Agreement being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against them are therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. Basil Cochrane, Dan Mylrea, John Quayle, John Taubman, Dan Lace

[Ref N/SSS Oct 1759 #14]


  1. This is a family affair. William Cain was the husband of Isabel Mylrea, Thomas's daughter and only surviving child baptised in 1735 whose baptismal entry also had the notation "Balla mi Claghyn"
  2. In 1755, Thomas purchased the Cain's estate on Moaney Moar quarterland from William Cain et al for £100 (probably by paying off the mortgage). In this contract, Thomas is selling half of the estate to William for £2 so it must in reality be a kind of gift/settlement (it is recorded LV May 1781)
  3. When Thomas died, he left to William Cain the amount he had paid for his half of the estate (£2) and of course, when her mother died, Isabel inherited everything
  4. In 1783, William & Isabel along with Jane Mylrea als Karran made a charitable donation to the Church wardens of £2, and land on which to build an English school

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