SURRENDER - 1890 (Lonan)

Whereas Hannah Knowles, Margaret Knowles and William Skillicorn and Jane his wife, all of Laxey Glen, granted and passed to William Quilleash the then President and James Lawson and James Gell stewards of the Patriotic Society of Laxey a Deed of Bond and Security for the principal sum of thirteen pounds bearing date the first day of October one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-nine and secured upon a house, garden and out offices in Laxey Glen in the parish of Lonan known by the name of William Knowles’ House & Garden in the Deed in recital more particularly described and whereas by Deed bearing date the eleventh day of May one thousand, eight hundred and eighty-two the said Deed of Bond and Security was assigned by William Quilleash to Thomas Mylrea of Laxey Glen aforesaid for proprietor the consideration of such assignment having been advanced by the said William Skillicorn and the said Thomas Mylrea agreed to hold such Deed of Bond and Security and the monies thereby secured in trust for the said William Skillicorn and so that the same should not merge in the part ownership of the said property and whereas the said William Skillicorn some time ago departed this life and administration of his estate was duly granted to Robert Skillicorn of Dumbell’s Row, Laxey who has called upon the said Thomas Mylrea to assign the said Deed of Bond and Security to him

Now be it known that the said Thomas Mylrea in consideration of the premises and of the sum of five shillings to him in hand paid by the said Robert Skillicorn as such administrator the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged doth grant and assign to the said Robert Skillicorn as such administrator all and singular the said Deed of Bond and Security and all monies due and owing and to accrue in respect thereof and the property therein and thereby given in security to hold to the said Robert Skillicorn as such administrator and his executors, administrators and assigns. In witness whereof the said Thomas Mylrea hath hereunto subscribed his name this first day of November one thousand, eight hundred and ninety. Thomas Mylrea his mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of us having first been read over to the said Thomas Mylrea. Christian Coole, J. Edward Caryse

At Douglas this 17th day of October 1891 John Edward Caryse of Douglas, advocate’s clerk, one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Deed (who is known to me) personally appeared and made oath on the Holy Evangelist and said that Thomas Mylrea the executing party thereto duly executed the same by affixing his cross mark thereto (the same having first been read over to him) in presence of deponent and of Charles William Coole, the other subscribing witness thereto. Before me Samuel Harris, High Bailiff of Douglas

Registry Office for Deeds 17 October 1891 I certify that the foregoing Deed was this day at the hour of 3.45 o’clock afternoon received by me at this Office for the purpose of being registered and recorded according to law and that the same is duly registered, recorded and entered in the Requisition Book twelve page 115 No 1493. Samuel Harris, Reg

[Ref: Oct 1891 #27 Lonan]


  1. Mylrea's Terrace, Laxey
  2. Thomas was the older (and by then only surviving) son of William Mylrea jnr & Jane Killip. He was born in 1841 in Lonan
  3. He did not marry, but lived with his parents until their deaths in 1883 & 1879 respectively
  4. He was listed variously as a carter and car proprietor and was a lead miner in his early years
  5. It seems from this document, and an 1889 document as well as his will, that Thomas could not read or write, surprising since his father was literate
  6. This transaction indicates that Thomas was in a position to lend money
  7. The deaths without issue of the two unmarried sons of William jnr & Jane, ie. William & Thomas, spelled the end of this line of Mylreas that reached back to Braddan of the early 1700s
  8. The Mylrea family has several headstones in the Lonan Cemetery

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