SETTLEMENT - 1753 (Douglas)

Mylrea Thos

File Petition 1757, No 49

We the Setting Quest of KK Conchan being convened by virtue the worshipfull Deemster Taubman’s authority in the suit of Thomas Mylrea junr and his father Thos Mylrea senr situate in the town of Douglas, have divided the premises in two halves or parts, and the said Thos Mylrea junr giving his said father the sd Thos Mylrea senr his choice, he took the west half or part in way of choice whereby the east half or part is the proportion of the said Thos Mylrea junior, according as the marks are now set, the easement or passage adjoining Henry Cain’s house being included in the said half or part of Thos Mylrea junr and the said Thos Mylrea senr to have the benefit of the water course leading thro’e the said passage to carry of the water from his part of the premises, as formerly, to the Street, for the future, by the consent and aggreement of the said parties. And this we return for our verdict in the Premises.

As witness our names and marks this 31st of May 1753. Thomas Christian my X, Math Basick X, John Cannel my X

May 1757 The Setting Quest delivered this division to me. Jo Taubman, Edward Christian

We the Setting Quest within mentioned doe certify the proportion of rent due of Thomas Mylrea senr & the proportion of Thomas Mylrea junr of the premises before & within mentioned to be two pence farthing and one eighth of a penny. As witness our subscriptions this 31st of May 1757 Thos Christian, Math Basick, John Cannell, Edw Christian

24th May 1757 The Setting Quest delivered this settlement of rent to me. Jo Taubman


  1. Thomas jnr was the son of Thomas Mylrea snr and Margaret Lewn. Margaret died in 1738 and Thomas jnr was his mother's legatee of her share of the family home, a Douglas cottage allotment #112, in which she held the majority (4½d) of the 6d rent
  2. In this contact, Thomas jnr is giving his father Thomas snr about half of the premises with a commensurate split in the rent obligation
  3. Thomas jnr sold his half share in the 4½d to Paul Quirk. Unfortunately no sale document survives but his tenancy is confirmed in later land records
  4. Several months after this gift from Thomas jnr to his father, his father Thomas snr sold his share to Thomas Curlet for £2/9/-, the result of which was that Thomas Curlet and his wife Ann, together with Paul Quirk now held 100% of Cottage #112,held by the Lewns since before 1700s. However, both Ann and Quirk's wife were Lewn descendants
  5. In 1748, a Thomas MULRAY sailor married a Mary Norton on 23rd February in the parish of St Nicholas, Liverpool, information that "fits" as belonging to Thomas McYlrea, the vendor of his aunt's Douglas property in 1749
  6. Mapping by Nigel Crowe shows that this cottage allotment was on Barrack St, with neighbours in 1705 Richard Killey (and Jane Mc ylrea), Robert Joyner (and Margaret Mc ylrea), Philip Higgin (and Jane Mc ylrea) and Thomas Mylroi
  7. BEST GUESS is that Thomas Mc Ylrea snr originated in Michael, an estimation based solely on the DNA of one of his descendants who has a match much closer to the Irish Mc Elreas than the Ballaugh Mylreas

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