Norris Clague vs WILLIAM MYLROIE


To his Honour Cornelius Smelt Lieutenant Governor and Chancellor of this Isle

The humble petition of Norris Clague


That on the 29th day of March one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight petitioner obtained a Decree of the Honourable Court of Chancery against William Mylroie for the sum of fifteen pounds nineteen shillings British with costs to be taxed

That petitioner placed the said Decree with a taxed bill of costs amounting to the sum of four pounds seventeen shillings and sixpence Manx in the hands of Edward Cain Lockman of Lonan to enforce who has handed petitioner a juries return for the balance of the said Decree amounting to the sum of thirteen pounds two shillings and nine pence halfpenny British

Wherefore petitioner prays a hearing of this petition and that your Honour may be pleased to order the said William Mylroie to be imprisoned until he pays to or for the use of petitioner the balance of said Decree and taxed costs together with the costs of this application and petitioner will pray

George W Dumbell for petitioner

Ordered that this petition come on to be heard at Castle Rushen on Thursday the 7th of May next whereof all proper parties are to have notice given this 30 day of April 1829

C. Smelt

At a Chancery Court holden at Castle Rushen 7 May 1829

Upon hearing this petition in presence of parties or their advocates and upon reading the Decree of this court dated 29 March 1828 (?) in favour of the petitioner against the defendant William Mylroie and a juries return of the effects to satisfy a balance of thirteen pounds two shillings and nine pence British due on the said Decree and upon consideration had thereof as also of what was otherwise pleaded, offered, argued and alleged by or on behalf of the parties respectively it is hereby ordered and Decreed that the said defendant William Mylroie be forthwith apprehended and imprisoned in the jail of Castle Rushen there to remain until he pays to or for the use of the petitioner the said sum of thirteen pounds two shillings and nine pence British together with the costs of this application to be taxed or until he be released in due course of law

C. Smelt


  1. ALL COLBY - Close Moar
  2. Presumably William was the son of David Mylroie jnr & Catherine Quayle, and born 1803 in Lonan (he was the only recorded William Mylroie old enough to take a mortgage)
  3. This William was their fourth son (second surviving), and he married Jane Gelling in 1829
  4. William was a baker in Laxey, and died at the age of 45
  5. He purchased a cottage allotment in the village of Laxey in 1832, and then expanded the holding in 1840

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