DEED OF GIFT - 1776 (German)

Know all men by these presents that I the Reverend William Mylrea Archdeacon of this Isle with the concurrence and consent of Ellinor my wife for and in consideration of the great utility and benefit which the inhabitants of this Isle have received and will in all probability derive from the mathematical school founded by the Rev James Moore deceased in Peeltown and out of a desire we have to accommodate and promote so useful a foundation upon mere motion have for ourselves, our executors and administrators gifted, granted and assigned and by these presents do gift, grant and assign unto George Moore of Ballamoore and his assigns in trust to and for the use, benefit and behalf of the said master of the Mathematical School for the time being all our right, title, interest, property, claim and demand whatsoever either at law or in equity of, in, unto or out of an undivided part, portion or share of a small house and garden of eight pence Abby Rent situate, lying and being in Peeltown aforesaid and adjoining to the said school with all and singular the rights, members and appurtenances thereunto belonging in any wise which said premises were by deed dated the 30th June 1739 granted and conveyed by Elizabeth Quine as well in her own right as by Power of Attorney from John Quine her husband and thereunto annexed to Mr James Gell deceased our late father and by mesne? Assignments are become vested in us to have and to hold unto him the said George Moore and his assigns in trust for the masters of the said School for the time being forever absolutely he and they yielding and paying all Abby Rent, boons, customs, dues, duties, suits and services incumbent upon the said premises and for performance hereof we do hereby bind and oblige ourselves, our executors and administrators in and under the penalty of twenty pounds. As witness our hands this 20th day of March 1776 W: Mylrea, Ellinor Gell

Signed and delivered in presence of James Wilks, John Cannell

20th March 1776 The said Reverend William Mylrea and Mrs Ellinor Mylrea acknowledged this Deed of Gift to be their proper act and deed. Before me Thomas Moore

At a Court holden at Peel town for the Bishop’s Barony the 21st May 1776, the beforewritten Deed of Gift being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it, the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed by this Court. Thomas Fargher

[Ref: SSS May 1776 #9]


  1. Youngest surviving son of Daniel Mylrea & Lucy Parry, baptised 1722 in Ballaugh
  2. Married Ellinor Gell in Peel about 1755. Ellinor was an heiress whose father had died in 1743 (see below)
  3. William took holy orders, and was at various times Curate Andreas 1747-1754, Rector of Andreas 29/1/1760-1787, Rector of Bride 24/7/1754-1760, Archdeacon of Man 17/6/1760
  4. He and Ellinor were recorded as having 14 children althought not all survived to adulthood. Of those who did:
    • Lucy b1756 married John Quayle
    • Daniel b1757 married Susannah Curphey and he followed his father's ecclesiastical path
    • Thomas b1758 was unmarried and an MHK in Ramsey
    • William b1760 was unmarried, a mariner who drowned 1787, probably during a slaving expedition
    • Cathrin b1768 married Robert Quayle and died after the birth of her first child
    • James b1770 was unmarried, a mariner who drowned 1794, probably during a slaving expetition
    • Basil b1771 was unmarried, a mariner who drowned, probably during a slaving expedition
  5. William died 1787
  6. Son Daniel followed in his father's footsteps and became a high ranking church official, and inherited the family estate. However, these lands were not the original Mylrea estate which had passed to William's older (and unmarried) brother who left them to his nephew Daniel (son of Thomas b1750) who promptly sold the lot

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1743-1 E d GELL James late of peeltown; only dau Elinor Gell a minor; John Moore & Edwd Christian refused admin - adm Wm Murrey snr & Robt Murrey (also extr John Murrey) as creditors; disputes Mrs Mary Reeves involved; large sums of money

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