PURCHASE - 1678 (Ballaugh)

Know all men by these presents that I John Corraige of the parish of Ballaugh in the Isle of Man with the assent and consent of my son and heir John Corraige for diverse and several good causes us thereunto moving but especially for the just sum of one pound one shilling current monies of England to us in hand paid before the sealing and delivering of these presents to supply our great and pressing necessities have given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain and sell unto our well beloved friend Captain William MacYlrea all our full title, claim, propriety and interest that now we have, hereafter ought or could have of, in or unto a small parcel of land untilled and ...... in a contained field or enclosure commonly called the Shen Tallow being all my interest ….. and belonging formerly to the tenement of Balla Corraige in the parish aforesaid paying? the single and annual rent of six pence but twelve pence double rent with all ways, watercourses, easements, liberties, profits and commodities to the same belonging to have and to hold all and every part of the demised premises with its appurtenances as aforesaid unto the said Captain William MacYlrea, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns and every of them forever by these presents yielding and paying yearly and every year the rent before specified with all other duties, customs and services due or which shall hereafter fall to be due out of the premises aforesaid for the better performance of all which I the said John Corraige and John my son shall and will awarrant and defend by these presents the premises aforesaid with its appurtenances to the said Captain William MacYlrea, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns against all manner of persons whatsoever the Lord of the Isle only excepted and will procure the worshipful officers of this Isle their confirmation hereof according to law and therefore do bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty and forfeiture of ten pounds sterling the one half to the Lord of the Isle and the other half to the said Captain MacYlreay, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns. In witness whereof we have hereunto put our signs manual and affixed our seals this sixteenth day of December 1678. John Corraige senior his mark X, John Corraige junior his mark X

Signed,sealed and delivered in presence of us Thomas Christian, ….. Corlett my mark X, Charles Cain

Note that the interlining in the 15th line where it is said six pence single rent and twelve pence double rent was inserted before the signing and sealing of these presents

December the 27th 1678 The within named John Corraige the son came this day and acknowledged all the within …………. to be his own and father’s ..............

[Ref: LibCanc MS10071/5/11 (1679/1680) Ballaugh 1679 #45]


  1. These transactions with Corraige are record in the 1676 LV for Ballaugh " the said William Mcylrea and John Casement is entered for the said rents by virtue of two several bills of sayle from the said Corraige confirmed by the officers whereunto relation is to be had in respect of my Lord's interest which is always to be observed"
  2. LV 1679 for Ballaugh records this particular sale: The sd Tho Cowley & Wm Mcylrea are entred by vrtue of their sevrall bills of sayles from ye sd Corraige & his sone confirmed by ye officers
  3. Son of Jon, baptised 1627 “William McYlrea, son of John de Dollough, baptized the 11th of November, 1627” [Ballaugh Register Book of Baptisms]
  4. As the oldest son, William inherited the Mylrea estate known as the Dollough (Dollough moar & Dollough beg); originally composed for 1643 and recorded in 1593 as held by Donnold Mcylrea. This full history of this family's land transactions 1495 - 1700 is set out in Attachment 1 of Nicholas Mylrea jnr 1747-1823
  5. Family “estate” dates back to a considerably earlier time - at least 1511/1515 [ Manorial Roll: “From the wife of John Gilrea with Donald, son, for 1 tenement and half of a quarter of land 1s. And for a 4th part of one quarter of land 5/- demised to them 16s" & “From amercements of tenants for the Lord’s closes, viz. the wife of John McGilrea 6d.”
  6. In 1643, James 7th Earl of Derby altered land tenure arrangements in order to raise money for his efforts in the English Civil War. When the Dollough estate was composed for by Thomas Cowley on William’s behalf, it was a good indication that (a) William's father (John de Dollough) had died, and (b) William was under-age. This Thomas Cowley might have been the husband of Jane, William’s older sister or more likely, his aunt
  7. William McYlrea married Ann Christian in 1645 in Jurby when he was about 18 years of age
  8. Sons Daniel (1655), Thomas (1662), William (1667), Robert (1670) alive at time of William's death
  9. No mention of daughters but wife’s will mentions three: Margaret 1646, Jane 1647, Ann 1650
  10. Several others baptised as children of William but evidently they did not survive
  11. William’s wife Ann was the daughter of Do [Donald/Daniel?] Christian, also baptised 1627, and with brothers Thomas, Robert, Patrick, Andrew, and sisters Bahee, Margaret; her family might have had connections with the “Illiam Dhone” Christians?
  12. Children:
    • Daniel married Margaret Curlett als Parr
    • Thomas – did he marry Margaret Tear in Jurby?
    • William - did he marry Ann Kneen and then Eleanor Quayle in Ballaugh?
    • Robert , the youngest, got the use of a family meadow in Jurby but only until he died – no evidence of him other than parents’ wills
    • Margaret - did she marry xxx Christian? – Bride
    • Jane married Jon Cannell - Michael
    • Ann married John Bridson - Malew
  13. William was the parish Captain of Ballaugh, hence his title in this document, and set the Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line of Mylreas in train
  14. Also see [LibCanc 1676 #144] John Corraige + son to Capt Wm Mvlrea a sale of a part of a Qr land called Bpaley woar & Shen Tallow of 20d rent. The part of Shen Tallow not arable to be in the sd Corraige's possession & disposal
  15. SHEN TALLOW translates to OLD LAND

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