Will - 1613 (Malew)

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1600-1618 because it was embedded on p477 of a 755 page .pdf document

The iiijth of June 1613

Whearas John Mc ylrea depted this lyfe the 24 of Maye untested, the Churche havinge intelligence thereof hathe ordered the nexte of kinreyd bothe of father's syde and mother's syde administrat:,

And Sr Wyllm Waterson to be satisfyed and payde all suche charges as he was at the paynes that ether he or his wyfe take wth the sayd Mc ylrea, due lykwise for further danger that mighte ensue by takinge him the say Mc ylrea into theyr house in his sickness & extremities to be consydered,

And the sayd Sr Watrsonne and his wyfe to bringe in a true Inventorie of all suche goods as they had knowledge of, or dothe knowe, that was pper and due unto the sayd Mc ylrea at the cominge & returninge of our ordinarie into this Isle The Reasone that he the sayd Sr Waterson and his wyfe are inioyned to bringe in an Inventorie is because he dyed in theyr house

John Nelson attorney for Wyllm Cain hathe chosen Wyllm Qualtroughe, And Sr Wyllm Watersone hathe elected Pat Caroone to make a finall ende betwene them the sayd pties for all thinges dependinge concerninge the above decree And ether of them to stande to theyr order in the penaltie of xxtie nobles to the use of the Right Hoble Lalie[?] this bounde taken wth consente of all pties


  1. Unmarried, and with no burial record
  2. Oates speculates that John Mylrea was probably from Rushen, where Sir William was vicar for 12 years before becoming vicar of Malew in 1606

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