Copied from Archdeacon Wills 1665-1669 because it was embedded on p326 of a 779 page .pdf document


The last will & testament of Jony Malleroy wch depted thi ----[dark & torn edge] of January 1668, who left to the poore att usually tyme a ferlet of mault, dj ferlet oatemeal & a sheepe; Itt: left to Mally Cubbon her grandchild so much cloath as would be her a coate & a yonge goate; It: left to her sonne Robert Cubbon the goate wch was in his owne keeping; willed & ordained her 3 daughters Mariat, Maly , & Margret Cubbon coexecutors of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable

Testes Jo: Fargher } Gilbt: Callin[?] } jurati

The invent of all her goods was valued by sworne men for xviijs

The execrs: all at age sworn in Cort and hath given in pledges, John Ffarchar & Robt: -----

May ye 13th 1668: Wm Cubon enters his clame agst ye Execrs: of Jony Malle---- [torn edge] for ye summe of 13s sterl: due debt as can bee made to appeare & craveth pcesse


  1. No marriage record found, nor baptisms of children
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