Will - 1616 (German)

Copied from Joyce Oates' Episcopal Wills 1613-1616 because it was embedded on p386 of a 521 page .pdf document

The testament of Alice enilrea, shee committ----[dark]

Itm to Jonie enilrea xijd (12d), to the children of Jonie ----[dark] one ewe betwene them,

Itm constituted J----[dark] daughter her true and lawfull execut pbatum et solvit iiijd Test-----


  1. Unmarried (?)
  2. Daughter of Ellen Gawn & Ranold/Richard Mylrea who both died 1600
  3. Raised by her sister Jonie who married Phynlo Kissack, who might have been the witness to Ellin's will (Phillip Kissack)

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