Will - c1610 (Michael)

Sct Michael

The testament of Ann iny lrea who departed the 15th June

She constituted and ordained? Margaret, Ann and Christian Quaye her daughters her true and lawful executors

... ..... left to Robert Quaye 6d

To the poor at the discretion of her executors

Testes Wyllim Quall, Ryc Caine, Donald Kerron Jurati

[Probatu est et solvit 4d]?

The executors at lawful years


Will of Ann's husband, Hughe Quaye 1601 as transcribed by Joyce Oates

The testament of Hughe Quaye whoe depted the [edge]--th daye of Februarie 1601:

firste I doe bequeath my soule into the hands of almightie God and my bodie to be buried in Sct Michaels the north yorde,

Itm I leave to the poore dj firlt: malte 1 mutton

Itm I leave to my daughter Christian one chamber wch hathe an A---n in it, more to my sayd daughter one mayre of iij yeare olde,

Itm to Agnes eni ylrea my wyfe 1 cowe,

Itm my wyll is that one younges heffer wch I have shall bee solde to paye the churche Duties and other my debtes, and the remayned betweene my executors vz: my sonne Robart Quaye and Agnes my wyfe,

Itm to my daughter Margerett Quaye I stoude wth ij f----ds

Itm to my daughter Ellen dj one barrell ----

pbatum est et solvit 6d

testes iurati John Kellie & John Quaye

Whearas Robarte Quaye claymethe a bargaine granted him at his mariage wch was that he shan----e have all his fathers & mothers goods after theyr decease, notwthstanding he is contented yt his ij systers either of them have a chamber and all the reste of the houses that pteynethe to father and mother to be his after the decease --d thes mother wthoute further troble


  1. Son Robert, daughters Christian, Margaret & Ann in Ann's will, but Ellin rather than Ann in Hugh's - a notary's mistake?
  2. Son Robert is married or about to be married, so parents perhaps born 1550-1560?
  3. Land records shed no light on where Hugh Quaye might have been a tenant in Michael. LV 1604 records transfer from Ralph to Robert and to Ellen
  4. 1604 LA shows Donald Kerron on Cammall treen, Ralph Quay had a 6d cottage and several intacks, William Quayle on Leyre,
  5. Also several Mylreas from Michael left wills, although whether they had links to Anne's family is unknown:
    • 1595 Will: Johanis Mc ilrea (children William, Johns, Jonet, Donald, Johan)
    • 1600 Will: Ann Mylrea als Moore (wife) (no children?)
    • 1627 Will: Richard (children Christian, Thomas, William, Christian, Bahie)
    • 1634 Will: Madge Tear als Mylrea
    • 1637 Will: Joney Cannel als Mylrea
    • 1649 Will: Margaret Mylrea als Callister (children William, Ales)
    • 1654 Will: Willliam Mylrea (children Mabel, John, Jane)


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