Will - 1602 (Ballaugh)

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1600-1618 because it was embedded on p146 of a 755 page .pdf document

The testament of A----s Y---rae whoe depted this lyfe ye 27 of September

Lefte to the poore 1 fyrlett wheate & more ad discretione executr:

Itm to her husband Rycd Quall her pte of the Rydinge house, 1 mutton & her pte of ye goates, also her sayd husbande her pte of ye corne duringe his lyfe & after his decease he to leave it to her sonne Ryc:

Itm to her sayd sonne Rycd: the thirde pte of a yonge steere three yeare olde

Itm to her daughter Annas ij (2) of her best petticoates & one kertcheffe

Itm to Katherin Moore one sylver broche

Itm to her daughter Jonie a petticoate & a yearde of lynnen clothe

Itm to Robarte Kaellie [?] vjd (6p),

Itm to Harrie Cowlea 1 sheepe

Itm constituted her sonnes Tho Ratclyffe & Ryc Quall executors of all ye reste of her goods moveable & unmoveable

pbatu est et solvit vjd (6d)

testes Tho Kynreyd

The exec of lawfull yeares

Wyllm Quall wthothers


  1. Buried 27th September McQuayle, first name missing
  2. Ann has been married twice, evidenced by the different surnames of her two sons
  3. Children Annas, Jonie, Richard, Thomas (Radcliffe)
  4. Oates takes the Ballaugh burial on 16th September of Mclera (first name missing) as Anne's but the 11 days difference between this burial and the date on the will probably makes that assumption incorrect. The earlier burial might be for Donole McIllevrea whose will is not amongst these Oates's Archdeaconal will transcriptions

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