KK Malew
In the name of God, amen. I Ann Bridson of Oristal, widow, being weak in body, but of perfect memory, do make my last will and testament as follows. First I commit my soul to Almighty God, and my body to Christian burial. Secondly, I leave to Mr. Woods my pastor a firlet of malt and a mutton for preaching my funeral sermon. Item I leave unto the poor of the parish a bowl of barley. Item I leave and bequeath unto my son William Bridson Vicar of KK Marown a yoke of oxen which are now in his own keeping. Item I leave unto my son Thomas Bridson thirty shillings and a blanket. Item I leave unto my son Christopher twenty shillings. Item I leave unto my grandchildren William Bridson & Jane his wife heiress of Oristal three bowls of xxxx seed to help them to sow the crop, when the whole estate falls due unto them. Item I leave unto my granddaughter Ellinor [?] Harrison an in-calf cow, a little wheel, two sheep, and a little chest which stands by the bedside. Item I leave unto my daughter Katherine a new table cloth and a dozen of napkins all of one sort. And lastly, I constitute and appoint my said daughter Katherine and my son Paul Bridson joint executors of all there is of my goods whatsoever; as witness my name and mark this seventh day of January 1721/2. Ann Bridson her mark X

Witnesses: John Bridson, Margaret Harrison


  1. Ann was married John Bridson; children - William, Thomas, Christopher, Paul, Katherine, Jony, John, Catherine, Ann & Margaret Bridson
  2. She was the daughter of William Mcylrea and Ann Christian of Ballaugh. Her mother’s 1693 will mentioned the fact that one of her daughters is married to a Bridson but does not nominate which one; however, the will identified grand daughters Jony & Ann Bridson, the names of the two oldest of Ann Bridson's daughters. Ann Bridson's husband's will also nominates "uncle" Daniel Mylrea, surely Ann's Bridson's brother
  3. The Bridson estate was Four Crossways subject to a Deed of Settlement in 1699 from Ann and her husband to their oldest son, John
  4. Son John then died prematurely and the estate passed to his daughter Jane after his son John died as a teenager
  5. Three of Ann’s sons achieved success as prominent members of Manx church and political circles, perhaps under the patronage of Ann’s brother Daniel, or perhaps her Christian connections through her mother

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