1738 - Will (Douglas)

Douglas 1738
The last will and testament of Ann McYlrea of the town of Douglas who departed this life on or about the 29th of May 1738 which she declared to us some time before her death being in perfect mind and memory at the making thereof.

First she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.

Item She bequeathed to her sister Jane Gelling a gown, a riding hood, a little wheel and a quilted petty coat the said Jane Gelling paying her brother Hugh Cain three shillings Manks as a legacy out of the said goods.

Item She bequeathed to any other person or persons that can claim any right to her effects by law sixpence legacy.

Lastly all the rest and residue of her goods and effects she bequeathed to her brother Paul Gelling and her sister Esther Gelling who she appointed and nominated joint and sole executors of all her goods moveable and immoveable.

Witness William Garrett Anne Ffaile
Douglas, October 16, 1738
The witnesses of the will have proved the legacies and whereas they do not agree in the nomination of the executors within mentioned, the said Paul and Esther Gelling have now in Court consented to be equally concerned in the executorship and are sworn in form of law.
Pledges are Phil Lace & Robert Crain
Accepted est

Joh Cosnahan
Solvit = 12d


  1. Buried Braddan, 2nd June 1738
  2. Surviving daughter of William Mylrea & Margaret Kinish; born Douglas 1693
  3. Did not marry, and in her 40s when she died
  4. Legatees Gelling & Cain are step-siblings (her mother married Pat Gelling and then Dan Cain)
  5. Brother John Mylrea left Isle of Man about 1717

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