Will - 1693 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh 1693

The last will and testament of Ann McYlrea als Christian (who was buried the 25th August 1693) at the making whereof she was in perfect memory.

In primis She committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial

Item She bequeathed to her son-in-law Jon Cannell a cow which he had then in his own custody and her fishing boats with all the nets and other things belonging to it

Item She bequeathed to her son Thomas 20s and a cow also a feather bed, a fledge and sheet

Item Thomas his wife 4 yards of fine linen and to her grandchild Thomas his son a sheep and lamb .... May next

Item To her three daughters jointly she left her shaped linen and woollen

Item to her daughter Margaret a new pewter dish and a fledge

Item To her daughter Jaine she bequeathed .... another new pewter dish

Item to her daughter Ann four silver spoons and to her husband twenty shillings

To her grandchild Jony Bridson a white blanket

Item She bequeathed to her grand daughter Ann Bridson a cow calf

Item To her grand daughter of KK Bride a sheep and lamb ... May next

Item Whereas her son Daniel had in his hand six pounds due to her for the crop she bequeathed forty shillings thereof to her son Will if he came for it. If not she bequeathed the said forty shillings to her said son Daniel, and also the other four pounds

Item to her grandchild Daniel a ... and four silver spoons

She left to her son Daniel her black mare

Item She bequeathed and left that the purchased meadow in Jurby specified in her husband’s will shall pass and descend according to the said will

Item She left to her said son Will four yards of fine linen if he came for the same. If not, then it should remain with the executors

Item To her grandchild Ann McYlrea a ....

Debts due to the testatrix from Philip Cowley 20s From Jony Garrett 10s From Thomas Garrett 4s

Lastly she constituted and appointed her son Robert sole executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable excepting only 20s which she bequeathed to her brother Patrick.

Thomas Christian, William Corlett ] jurati

The executor at lawful age is sworn in form of law.

Probatum est et solvit

The inventory given in by the executor is £10/0/0

Pledges for the discharge of the Office and payment of all debts and legacies Daniel McLeray & William ............


  1. Ann was the daughter of Do [Donald/Daniel?] Christian, also baptised 1627, and with brothers Thomas, Robert, Patrick, Andrew, and sisters Bahee, Margaret. This might have been the “Illiam Dhone” Christians?
  2. She married William McYlrea Jurby 1647
  3. This couple created a dynasty of Deemsters, MHKs, Archdeacons and Attorneys General who collectively formed a powerful and influential line, and intermarried similar families, for nearly two centuries
  4. Children:
    • Daniel married Margaret Curlett als Parr and set the Deemster/Archbishop line in train - children Daniel & Ann
    • Thomas – did he marry Margaret Tear in Jurby?
    • William - did he marry Ann Kneen and then Eleanor Quayle in Ballaugh?
    • Robert , the youngest, got the use of a family field/meadow in Jurby but only until he died – no evidence of him other than parents’ wills
    • Margaret - did she marry xxx Christian? – Bride
    • Jane married Jon Cannell - Michael
    • Ann married John Bridson – Malew

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