Will - 1653/4 (Michael)

Copied from Archdeacon Wills 1645-1654 because it was embedded on p307 of a 560 page .pdf document

Michael 1653

Ann Woods of kirke Michaell depted this lyfe ye 20th of Januarye 1653 intestat, ye Court haveinge Inteligence decreed her children John Macylrea and Jane Mcylrea Administrators, ye next of kinred on ye mother side supervisors, a legacie to ye husband upon sight of ye Inventory, ye father sworne to bee true to ye children

An Inventory is to bee brought in at ye next Court

sub pena xs [10s] done

Salvo tamen vincuig suo jure

Decret et solvit 1s

John Corlett enters his claime against ye administrators of Ann Woods for 16s due debt as hee ye sd Jo: will make to apere and cravith tryall accordinge to Lawe March ye 4th 1654

James Cry entereth his claime against ye administrators of Ann Woods for vjs (6s) due debt as hee will make to apeere and craveth tryall according to Lawe March ye 4th 1654 my fees 4 pence

The Inventorie is included in ye husband's will William Macylrea who depted this life in anno 1655

[The following 8 lines are crossed out:]

The Inventory of ye Decedant within written as followeth:

Imprmis The third part of a cowe 5 yeares old

It: ye third out of another cowe ten yeares old

It: ye third part of halfe a heffer 3 yeares old

It: ye third part of halfe a calfe

The third part of an old mare

The third part of a sheepe

The third part of a hogge

There is Debts to bee deducted out of this Inventorye

The goods as in father's custodie and hath putt in pledges for ye forth coming of ye sd goods and to secure ye office Adam Corlett of foretownes Debts to be deducted out of this Inventorye

Due to Jo Corlett 16s

It: due to James Crye vjs (6s)


  1. No marriage or burial record found for Ann although there's a burial record for a Kat Woods als Mc ylrea on 11th January, about a week before the putative date in the will above
  2. Husband William had been married previously. He had a daughter Mabel, mentioned in his 1654 will, who was from his first marriage (bride unknown), while John and Jane were from his second marriage (to Ann)
  3. Husband William died the following year
  4. Husband William was the son of Margaret Callister, long time tenant of the Ballamanaugh quarterland. Margaret mentioned great grandchildren as the children of William Steane (Mabel's husband) but did not mention the children of William's second marriage to Ann Woods
  5. While Ann's husband William might have been the father of Hugh (1615), Rich (1619), John (1626), as well as Mable (1616), the oldest surviving son would have been William's heir-at-law but none mentioned in either William's will or in land records after his death. Rather, Mabel was his heir

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