Will - 1789 (Douglas)

In the name of God Amen

I Catherine Mylrea of the town of Douglas being weak of body but of a sound and disposing mind and memory do make public and declare this my last will and testament in manner following:

First I commend my soul to God and body to a Christian burial.

Secondly I leave and bequeath to John Quayle laborour’s wife my old quilted petticoat and the haddin(?) petticoat.

Thirdly I leave and bequeath to Robert Cain’s wife my brown stuff(?) petticoat.

Fourthly I leave and bequeath to Thomas Quirk’s wife my white a red cotton handkerchief a striped stuff(?) gown and two shillings and sixpence British.

Fifthly I leave and bequeath to Elizabeth Quirk a lawn cap, a pair of sleeves, the best white apron and a handkerchief.

Sixthly I leave and bequeath to William Callister one guinea and my blue cloth petticoat.

Seventhly I leave and bequeath to Catherine Quayle a hat and two caps.

Eighthly I leave and bequeath to Mary Crougham? one shift (or shill?).

Ninethly I leave and bequeath to Ann Fell one shift (or shill?).

Tenthly I leave and bequeath to William Quirk the sum of half a crown English.

Eleventhly and lastly I nominate and appoint Margaret Callister wife of William Callister my sole executrix and residuary legatee.

In witness whereof I have signed this my last will and testament this 23rd day of January 1789. Catherine Mylrea my X mk

Margaret Quirk X my mark, William Quirk my mark

At a Chapter Court holden in Burnaghay? June 10th 1789 William Callister, husband of Margaret Callister, is sworn executor in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts legacies namely William Quirk and William Garrett both of Douglas.

Probatum est

Thomas Cubbon


  1. Cath Mylrea buried 25th January, 1789 in Braddan, recorded as a spinster
  2. Most likely Cath was the daughter of William Mylrea & Jane Tear. This couple married on 6th July 1727 in Ballaugh and had daughters Jane (1729, Ballaugh), Margaret & Ellinor (1736, Ballaugh), and Catherine (1739, Ballaugh), also Mary mentioned in both her parents' wills, has no baptism record
  3. Jane married Robert Caine (maybe Douglas), Margaret married Charles Kewish (1766, Ballaugh), Nellie married Daniel Tear (1768 Ballaugh), Catherine & Mary did not marry although Catherine might have had illegitimate children William in 1771 and Elizabeth in 1773, both in Bride and their father William Crinolt
  4. A Margaret Mylrea married William Callister 8th June 1779 in Braddan and, while a legatee in this will, she has no apparent links with this particular Mylrea family since Catherine's sister named Margaret was married to Charles Kewish. A possible candidate for the legatee is a daughter of John Mylrea & Ann Howland born 1752 Ramsey
  5. Only the mention of Robert Cain links this Catherine to the family of William Mylrea & Jane Tear whose oldest daughter, Jane, married a Robert Caine in the late 1750s. Since the rest of her family were in Bride or Jurby, perhaps Catherine lived with her sister, Jane, in Braddan

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1805 A 58 TEAR Elinor Mylrea dated 4 Jan 1805; son James; dau Jane, Cath, Margt; husb Daniel exor 1799

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