Will - 1792 (Castletown)


In the name of God Amen, I Robert Quayle jnr of Castletown merchant and Catherine Quayle otherwise Mylrea my wife taking into consideration the uncertainty of this life do make our joint last will and testament in manner following:

That is to say

First we commit our souls to almighty God and our bodies to the earth

Secondly we jointly bequeath to our only infant child Catherine Quayle the sum of one thousand pounds to be possessed by her when she shall attain to the age of twenty-one years or upon the day of her marriage by and with the consent and approbation of the survivor of us whichever the said days shall first happen, but the said sum to be still subject to the contingency hereinafter mentioned, and it is our will and we hereby direct that our said infant shall be maintained, clothed and educated by the survivor of us in full satisfaction for the interest of the said sum which is to remain in such survivor’s hand until the said Catherine Quayle the infant shall attain to the age of twenty one years or be married by and with the consent of the said survivor as aforesaid, and we do appoint the survivor of us sole guardian of our said infant child until she shall attain to the age of twenty-one years and in case our infant shall happen to die before she shall …. to the age of twenty-one years or without issue, we bequeath the sum of five hundred and thirty pounds, part of the said legacy of one thousand pounds to the testatrix Catherine’s mother Mrs Ellinor Mylrea,widow, executors and assigns forever and we bequeath the sum of four hundred and seventy pounds, the remainder of the said sum of one thousand pounds bequeathed to the said infant as aforesaid to the testator, Mr Robert Quayle, his executors and assigns forever

And lastly we jointly bequeath and devise to the survivor of us all our lands, houses and the residue of our goods, chattels, cash, credits and effects whatsoever, and we do hereby jointly nominate and appoint the survivor or longer liver of us sole executor or executrix of this our joint last will and testament

In witness whereof we have hereunto subcribed our names this eighth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and ninety-one. Robert Quayle jnr, Cath Quayle X

Signed and duly published and declared by the testator and testatrix above named as and for their joint last will and testament in the presence of us David Harrison, Chas Joyner [jurati]

At a Chapter Court holden at Castletown the 8th day November 1792 Catherine Quayle one of the testators having departed this life, Robert Quayle the survivor is sworn executor in Court in form of law as also guardian and supervisor of the said child who is underage and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies, namely Mr John Lace and Mr James Kelly both of Castletown

Probatum est

Ewan Christian, William Clucas


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General; once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Younger daughter of Rev William Mylrea & Ellinor als Gell, baptised 1768 in Andreas
  3. Married Robert Quayle about 1691, and died after birth of first child Catherine who was baptised in 1792. She was 23 years old
  4. Robert was a successful merchant/brewer in Castletown
  5. Older sister Lucy married John Quayle in 1783 in Andreas. John was Robert's brother
  6. The size of the bequest to the daughter of £1,000 suggets the level of wealth now possessed by the family, and the fact that half was to be given to Catherine's mother (Ellinor Gell) if the child should die could indicate that the sum was Catherine's marriage portion
  7. Daughter Catherine Mylrea Quayle married John Christian Crellin in 1814. She lived a long and productive life. She had many children of whom only 4 survived to adulthood

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