Will - 1723 (Michael)

Michael, 1723 Feb 13

Catherine McYlrea departed this life about the 9th of April last, intestate whereof the court having intelligence has directed her next relations viz her sister Mary Cannell’s als McYlrea’s children Tho, Jon, Cath and Jane Cannell joint administrators of all her goods and chattels whatsoever, Jane being absent the other three are sworn in form of Law and gave pledges Edward Tear & Gilbert Tear Probatum est & solvit 1:2


Mary Cannell als McYlrea departed this left about the 20th of April last, intestate, whereof the court having intelligence has decreed her 4 children Tho, Jon, Cath & Jane Cannell joint administrators of all her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever and the former three are sworn in Court (Latin?) Secondo forman legis & give pledges ut infra Do est & solvit – 1:2 Pledges Edward Tear & Gilbert Tear


  1. Sisters - Catherine unmarried. Mary married to Rich Cannell (no record)
  2. Parent of women = Hu Macilera; his children = Cath Macilera (b1656), Mary McYlera (b1659), William Machlera (b1663)
  3. Brother William died in Braddan in 1699
  4. Mary’s children identified in will: Thomas (1691), Cath (1695), John (1702) & Jane (1707)
  5. Eldest son was Daniel, baptised in 1686, married Cath Corlett/Curlett, 1718. Dan was heir at law to his father's lands in Balnarenny. Wife Cath's father Adam Curlett was a tenant on the treen of Balnafadyn and in Rencullen, as was Ric Cannell, Dan's father
  6. The absent Jane would have been 17 when her aunt and mother died. She might have married Robert Cain in 1734
  7. Balnarenney (aka Ballafreere) is noted on the parish burial registers for Catherin & Mary, and Ric

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1727-1 E w CANNELL Richard d 5 May; Ballnyrenny; ch Danl, Thos, John, Cath, Jane; gson Danl Cannel

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