April 25th 1699

This is affirmed to be the last will of Catherine McYlrea als Bell who first committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial Item she bequeathed the land or tenement to her husband Thomas McYlrea whilst he lived if he should think fit to continue there with the tuition and custody of their daughter Jony McYlrea and her goods whom being dumb she committed to the care of her brother John Bell and Jony Kinley als Corrin as overseers who were empowered and requested to take the said child into their own tuition if they shall see anything amiss? in her usage Item she earnestly requested that neither her child or goods should be entrusted with her sister Margaret Bell Item she bequeathed twenty shillings to her sister Ellin if her said child should decease within a year She also bequeathed a ……….. petticoat and hood to her said sister Ellin Item To her aforesaid brother John 3 shillings Item To her sister-in-law Catherine Mylrea a yard of cloth for a waistcoat Item to her sister Elizabeth a set of linens Item she bequeathed to her abovesaid husband as legacy whatever goods of theirs are in his father’s custody Item to her mother a waist coat and petticoat and half a yard of linen to Jony Harrison and lastly she constituted her aforesaid husband executor of this her last will with the care of her abovesaid child and goods and 6d legacy to her sister Margaret abovementioned but if the child died before the father that then the father was to have her goods.

Testes - Thomas Corrin X, John Bell X ]  jurati

The husband and mother in behalf of Jony Bell and Thomas Corrin in behalf of his wife Jony Kinley are sworn in Court supervisors in form of law

Malew Inventory 1699
A true and perfect inventory of all the goods of Catherine McYlrea als Bell viewed and prized by three sworn men viz Henry Taylor Thomas Kinley and John Bell as follows:

(a variety of goods including livestock, household equipment) value £6

The corn is to be added at Michaelmas

The tuition of the …. and the goods in the hands of the father who has given pledges in form of law William Brydeson and John Kneal

More added to the within Inventory of Cath McYlrea by the Executor
Value = £2/7/3)

Debts to be deducted being the dead's part £1/6/6


  1. Catherine Bell married Thomas McYlrea 1686. Thomas was the second son of Thomas McYlrea & Margaret Gellin, born 1662
  2. Cath was buried 20th April, 1699
  3. Her child Jony was profoundly disabled but, as her mother's heiress, inherited rights to land in Ballaquaile. Her tale is set out in Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw
  4. The McYlreas and the Bells were closely associated over many decades, through both intermarriage and land dealings
  5. Sister-in-law Catherine McYlrea was Thomas's sister - not to be confused with Thomas's niece also named Cath. Both Cath McYlrea women both remained spinsters. The sister-in-law was also the individual to whom Thomas's nephew, Charles McYrea snr, turned to mortgage part of Fildraw in 1729
  6. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised

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