Will - 1864 (Malew)

To Thomas Cheslyn Callow esq

the Archdeacon's official

The humble petition of John Moore Jeffcott


That Mrs Catherine Mylrea Crellin, widow of the later John Christian Crellin esq deceased, departed this life on or about the 23rd day of March last

That the said Catherine Mylrea Crellin made her last will and testament bearing date the 19th November 1863 whereby she appointed your petitioner executor thereof

That it is expedient that probate of the said will be granted and that your petitioner should be sworn to execute the same according to law

Wherefore your petitioner prays a hearing of this petition and that probate of the said will may be granted according to law, and your petitioner sworn executor thereof and your petitioner will pray etc. J.M.Jeffcott

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard at an Ecclesiatical Court to be holden at Castletown this day whereof all proper parties and persons to have due notice. Given this 25 November 1864. Thomas Callow A.G.

At an Ecclesiastic Court holden at Castletown this 25 November 1864

Upon hearing this petition in presence of parties or their advocates, probate of the will of Mrs Catherine Mylrea Crellin was granted to petitioner as prayed for. Thomas Callow A.G.

This is what I wish to have done

I wish the poor of Castletown to have one hundred pounds to be laid out at interest to be paid them every year at Easter by my heirs in the same way that my father's money is paid to them

I wish J.M.Jeffcott to be my executor and to have one hundred pounds

I wish my daughter Lucy to have two hundred pounds more than the others, and whatever money that there will be left I wish to be divided equally between my children John, Robert, William and Lucy excepting that Robert is to have one hundred pounds less than the others on account of my having given him the seats in St Mary's chapel and laid out a large sum on West Hill and William is to settle all the money that he will receive under this my will and the four hundred pounds left to him by his father's will on trustees, and to receive the interest only, and if he neglects to settle the above monies on trustees for more than twelve months after my death, I leave him one hundred pounds only instead of an equal share of my property along with my other children. I wish to do justice between you all and I could not die happy if I thought I did not and in case any of my children beforenamed shall depart this life before me it is my wish that the legacy left by this my will to such child shall be equally divided among the children of such child

Signed by me and declared to be my will this nineteenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three (1863). Catherine M. Crellin

In presence of John Lucas, Elizabeth Tyson

At an Ecclesiastical Court holden at Castletown this 25th November 1864, John Lucas one of the subscribed witnesses to the foregoing paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Mrs Catherine Mylrea Crellin, widow, having made oath on the Holy Evangelist that the said Catherine Mylrea Crellin the executing party thereto duly made and executed the same in his presence and in the presence of Elizabeth Tyson the other subscribed witness when of sound mind, memory and understanding as and for her last will and testament, John Moore Jeffcott the executor in said will named is therefore sworn well and truly to fulfill and execute the said will and to administer all and singular the personal estate and effects of the said Catherine Mylrea Crellin according to law, paying her just debts and funeral expenses and the legacies contained in her said will so far forth as the goods will extend, and the law bind him and to return unto the Archdeacon's Registry a full, true and perfect inventory of the said estate and effects with an accurate account of his acts and proceedings in the premes when thereunto lawfully required and to these ends he hath given pledges James Kewley, John Lucas


  1. Descendant of the Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General Mylreas; once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Only daughter of Robert Quayle & Catharine Mylrea, and b1791. Roberrt Quayle was a brewer in Castletown, and the contents of his 1742 will reveal his considerable wealth
  3. Her mother was the younger daughter of Rev William Mylrea & Ellinor als Gell, baptised 1768 in Andreas. Her mother died soon after her baby's birth
  4. Catherine Mylrea Quayle married John Christian Crellin & the couple had many children in Castletown, of whom 4 survived to adulthood
  5. Catherine seemed to have spent most of her married life at West Hill, her father's estate near to Castletown
  6. Her husband and father died in the same year - 1842 - less than 6 months apart
  7. The wills from both sets of grandparents and of Catherine and John provided significant legacies to the children living at the time, and the legacies became more so after 3 of the children died soon after the deaths of their Quayle grandfather and their father
  8. Four children are mentioned in Catherine's will:
    • John Frissel Crellin was a surgeon and MHK, and had several land holdings settled upon him by the wills of his grandfather Robert Quayle, his grandmother Charlotte Crellin and & his father, John Christian Crellin
    • Robert Quayle Crellin was a government official, Collector of Customs, and had West Hill cottage and property settled on him by the will of his grandfather Robert Quayle. West Hill later became the Buchan school
    • William Drinkwater Crellin was bequeathed £600 by the will of his grandfather Robert Quayle. This might have been the problem son. His mother's legacy (and by default his Quayle grandfather's) was tied to William putting the funds into the hands of trustees. Seemingly, money slipped through his fingers
    • Lucy Mylrea Jeffcott als Crellin was the wife of the Executor, and was bequeathed £1,000 by the will of her grandfather Robert Quayle, nothing from her father, and a generous sum by her mother
  9. Family MI in Malew:
  10. Waiting for the resurrection of the just Here repose the remains of CATHERINE QUAYLE ALIAS MYLREA the much beloved and ever to be lamented wife of ROBERT QUAYLE JNR ESQUIRE of Castletown She sustained a lingering illness with exemplary fortitude and hopes full of immortality resigned her soul into the hands of her Creator September 30th 1792 in the 24th year of her age Here also are depositied the remains of CATHERINE MYLREA daughter of the above named ROBERT QUAYLE AND CATHERINE QUAYLE and Relict of JOHN CHRISTIAN CRELLIN of Orrisddale Esquire She died on the 23rd March 1864 in the 72nd year of her age

    Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE ELIZABETH daughter of JOHN C. CRELLIN ESQ and CATHERINE MYLREA CRELLIN ALIAS QUAYLE his wife and grand daughter of ROBERT QUAYLE ESQUIRE of West Hill House who departed this life the 15th October 1835 Aged 21 years In this vault are also deposited the remains of MARGARET CRELLIN who died the 23rd of April 1828 and THOMAS CRELLIN who died the 29th September 1829 both in infancy Here also deposited the remains of CHARLOTTE CHRISTIAN daughter of the above JOHN CRELLIN ESQUIRE and CATHERINE M. CRELLIN who departed this life the 17th September 1838 in the 19th year of her life

    To the memory of EDWARD and GEORGE FREDERICK sons of JOHN CHRISTIAN CRELLIN and CATHERINE MYLREA CRELLIN OTHERWISE QUAYLE his wife the former of whom departed this life December 10th 1845 and the latter February 9th 1848 Both agedd 13 years and 11 months

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1816-1 E CRELLIN John Frissel dated 14 Jan 1814; wife Charlotte exex my half of Camlork Braddan, Orrisdale Kk Michael, Craigs Croft Lezaayre/Andreas, houses called Malt kiln C'town + part of Bowling green purchased from John Taubman, purchased lands in Bride Ballawhannell + Ballacregga); dau Charlotte Drinkwater als Crellin;son John Christian Crellin;nephew John Llewellyn

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